Jingles and PointyHairedJedi leave the WG CC program

Breaking my promise not a day after stating it, yes, this will be yet another post on the WG – sirfoch debacle.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events: Jingles and PointyHairedJedi have left the WarGaming CC program, with Jingles declaring in his video that the reason behind this being the statement by WG NA to Kotaku.

Meanwhile, QuickyBaby has also released a new video on the subject, discussing complications of the past few days, speaking out against WG’s premium policy and also discussing what changes should be made to increase the overall balance of the game.

My respect goes out to all CC’s/former CC’s who are willing to speak out and take action for what they think is right.






13 thoughts on “Jingles and PointyHairedJedi leave the WG CC program

    1. And then the community will cry the tank is a pos and not competitive enough.

      By the way, Seb could’ve posted QB’s video as well.


    2. The game got so screwed up lately, not even a free good medium could not repair it. Well, i stopped playing 3 months ago, my doctor said it’s hurting my health to have high blood presure and bulging headveines all the time. Could this be the begining of the end? Every evolution hits peak, theb slowly or abruptly startes declining, it’s gauss’s bell theory. I myself found relief in another game, which even on survival difficulty does not ennoy me as much as wot random battle did after 5 15-2 defeats. Which ocured regularly, not as an exception. The game is broken, nad wg is making too much monney as it is to be motivated to fix it.


      1. Likely not. QB is a legit guy, and I believe has a genuine opinion that can be respected. Got to love people who jump on the flame bandwagon because they have to have a post and get noticed, but don’t actually have a position to stand on.


  1. i hope jingles stops making wot videos its annoying i cant block his channel. he is one of the worst wot streamers. his videos are always riddled with incorrect information. i guess this is a positive thing to come out of all of this


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