War Thunder – Youtube Partnership Rules

Anton you smug bastard! You sure know when to fire shots at WG…

EDIT: Added some good listening material from one of the top WT youtubers.

The CEO of Gaijin himself has posted this on Reddit to clear up the muck that stuck on their company during the on-going WG x Foch shitstorm.

Some people claim that any critics or showcasing bugs in War Thunder is violation of our agreement and can cause copyright strike.

That is nowhere near truth. For almost two years we even have made publicly available legal agreement for everyone (including youtubers), which is legally allowing people to do whatever they want to do (including any kind of critics), and monetize that content, so any youtuber is now guarded and can feel safe.

Here it is:


With very reasonable four limitations. War Thunder materials can be used only for content, that:

1) not pretend is “official” (i.e. produced or approved by Gaijin).

2) violates laws and/or spread libelous lies

3) publicly encourages to violate game’s EULA or publicly shows how to violate EULA

4) advertise other software using game materials and logos

All of these requirements are very simple and straightforward, and basically is common sense.

If someone is not violating these simple reqiurements than any copyright strike can be easily disputed, because it is our legally binding agreement.

Before that, for 3 years of OBT there was no any public agreement at all and in order to safely monetize the content one had to get written permission from Gaijin.

During CBT, when every user had to sign electronic NDA, requirements were indeed different, and showcasing bugs was prohibited. That was 5 years ago, and was tied to CBT stage of the game and NDA attached to it and also typical for CBTs.

I wish any and all youtubers good luck in creating and monetizing anything about War Thunder, and all critics is very welcome.

EDIT: Here’s a vid from Many Miles Away on the subject of both this info and of course Jingles talking shit about WT.


6 thoughts on “War Thunder – Youtube Partnership Rules

    1. Well they fucked up way before WG so yeah.
      The only thing you can say is that they learned from their mistakes still not in a position to be “the good guy”


  1. I don’t know if we can accept Many Miles Away rant as imparcial, I mean gaijin gave him a review account (or at least a bunch of gold) to unlock everything from 1.69 on the dev server, this after having cut free gold and review accounts to youtubers and streamers who did not want to sign a partnership with gaijin that limited their free speach (rumors even stated they would be paid to praise WT)
    the timing is just to suspecious specially if you consider the things gaijin did in the recent past, there’s the whole thing of taking the channel from a russian youtuber as well as the thing from when Phlydaily exposed hacking, and do not forget gaijin did make an announcement saying they were awere but let it go for being “rare” and also that they would return overhead markers in RB instead of cracking down on the hackers
    it is known that gaijin censors a lot and also that some youtubers are simply too nice with WT
    furthermore it was also too much of a coincidence for Phlydaily to lose the “Epic plays of the week” around the same time

    I “like” WT, it has the potential to become the perfect tank/aircraft game if not for the people running it, I’ve also been censored on the forums or devblogs for minor things like thank them for a few additions in 1.69, they had not yet been “officially” announced but were available for everyone on the dev server and youtube footage from the dev server as well, why did they delete my comment? was it because they were planning to release devblogs of 3 or 4 of the additions I mentioned? it is not like I was the one spoiling the “surprise”

    I simply find too suspecious for him to making this video now, specially because he can´t accept he was not there and cannot know why Jingles stoped playing WT

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  2. 2) violates laws and/or spread libelous lies

    aaaand theres the problem. Gaijin decides when you cross that line. Copyright law is heavily on their side. They issue a strike and you are screwed.

    oh, but they give helpful advice – SUE GAIJIN and bring a copy of that letter to court. I am sure that only takes a years and a few thousands euros to get the strike removed.


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