Jimquisition and MWJ on the WG – SirFoch debacle

Try to keep the comments on here nice this time, respect another’s opinions even if you disagree.

EDIT: as requested I added the link to jingles’s take on this, might be worth a watch.


44 thoughts on “Jimquisition and MWJ on the WG – SirFoch debacle

      1. It’s funny. I raised the issue about gold bullets being P2W in the official forums and SHIT WENT CRAY CRAY. I was ran outta my own thread so fast it wasn’t even funny.

        So now I play full gold T54 and let me just say, if it isn’t P2W it sure feels like it.


    1. No because you don´t have the audience of Jim Sterling :P
      And Btw it´s good if as many people as possible are listening to WG´s shit.
      The more people know about it the more pressure on WG.
      Will it be enough that they change something?
      Don´t know but a little pressure wont hurt them…

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        1. It is pretty obvious that the Sterling dude knows very little about WoT – but I guess you don’t need to know what you are talking about to get people to sub your YT channel – you just need to be outrageous and whine hard. To me this entire situation with SirFukk is a tempest in a teapot with butt hurt youtube wankers circling their wagons in faux rage.

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          1. Just wanted to say that he probably does not give a damn about a few thousand YT subscribers because of WoT.
            Why? Because as i know he does not make money of YT but of patreon (over 12k/month)
            And his homepage.

            The true problem is that everybody outside of the WoT Community just lose their shit about the censoring of Foch but don´t give a fuck about what Fochs point was….


    1. Basically a “Stop using YouTube pulldowns” guy by this point. He also does game reviews, but he’s more known by his battles in this field today.


  1. Finally. Somebody who never had any stake in WoT and probably will just as fast move on is putting in his two cents.

    His name is Jim Sterling. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE. I’m doing my part.

    Meanwhile, back to WoT. That grind isn’t gonna make itself.


  2. i find it a bit strange the amount of outcry there is for what happened, but when it comes to stuff like premium ammo etc, people just whine a bit about it and then go on.

    I mean, sure the issue is worth fighting for, but why not fight against prem ammo, pay to win, powercreep,… the issues foch orriginaly targetted

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    1. Majority of the community don’t seems to think prem ammo is bad for the game as it provides a tool to defeat others in-game. Especially when prem ammo is available for silver at 8.4~8.6 (I think is around there, I can’t remember the exact patch), people just think is great as they think they can be a unicum with prem ammo. KAPPA


      1. The problem is “full gold” set ups. Even before the Maus’ armour buff how was a t-54 with around 201 ap pen supposed to deal with one apart from anywhere but it’s flush side. I don’t have a problem with prem ammo, my problem is the retards that are allowed to take 50 heat rounds in their russian meds and auto aim at nearly everything and pen.

        WG just needs to test what a balanced amount of prem rounds are on each tank and then limit them to that. But you know that would take effort, time and balancing + they wouldn’t make as much money from these full gold mongs out there.


  3. This whole situation is just a clash of big personalities.

    On one hand we have Circon. He was politely asked to remove his video becuse of certain offensive jokes. He made a step back and took a look at the whole situation from a different perspective. He saw he went a bit too far and admitted his mistake. No threats and everything was resolved in a civil manner.

    On the other hand we have big egos. If you look at the screenshots, SirFosh was also asked politely to remove the video. But no, SirFoch didn’t asses the situation and then the big egos and big threats came out. At that point everybody involved was thinking with their man sausage and not their brain. Everything would be resolved if SirFoch had just made a new video (like he did later anyway) without so much swearing and personal attacks. I just think he got cought up in his own swearing bubble. With every video he went just a bit further and further until it bit him in the ass.

    I also don’t understand why Jingles and QB got so much criticism for not jumping over the bridge with the others. I just think that being calm and waiting for all the info to surface was not so dumb afterall…

    Anyway, I had enough of this topic. Could we just move on or do we have to reheat this dish even more?

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    1. IMO the focus is WG should never used DMCA/’go through YouTube’ to get Foch back down. I would rather see WG used ‘perma ban’ to get Foch step back or persuade other CC friends of Foch (Circon, PHJ e.t.c) to convince Foch remove the video.

      I think Ph3lan tried to sort the flame quick but used the wrong distinguisher. If Ph3lan took his time, the ‘moral high ground’ is on WG and Foch would be in more trouble.


    2. Circon’s and SirFoch’s situation isn’t all that similar. Circon made a personal remark that was viewed by some as a personal attack on CEOs kid. Also the way he puts his highlights on youtube, he just uploads them from twitch, and im sure that in most cases he doesnt know what he even says in that video. Its just something he highlighted during the stream and put on youtube. So when he was asked to remove it he just agreed that he should.
      SirFoch made a highly agressive video criticizing WGs policy with lots of swearing and without personal remarks (unless you count him saying F..k WG as one). I’m not a particular fan of swearing but his video was a really passionate one and it contained a strong message about the direction Wot is heading. So in a way I’m glad he didn’t back down. Could he have done it without swearing? Probably, but then again if he feels like saying it he should say it, i wont crizicize him for it as i dont criticize QB for his mild approach or whatever some people call him out for.
      Speaking of, both QB and Jingles made videos about it so I dont understand the part about not jumping over the bridge. They both expressed their opinions (even though i still havent seen QBs video, I just saw his livestream bit about it), with Jingles being highly critical of WG.
      Also to wot121, please generalize more, I’m a part of what you call “2 clown communities”, and saying people hate QB and Jingles is flat out wrong. Some people try to troll and stir up things but its insignificant. But I have seen alot of “the other community” people talk about SirFoch and Circon and not in a good way, so it goes both ways.


  4. Well, Jim brought up an excellent point about the CC on YouTube thing. If WG wants CCs like QB, they better make a SOP for it. In that case, Foch won’t be a CC at the first place because he won’t comply with WG’s rules&SOP. So he couldn’t get hands on Chrysler. Thus he won’t swear to WG( at least for now).

    Btw, is WG’s damage control pack still reloading?


    1. Have you seen Jingles’ video about this stuff yet? He said that he spoke with Florian and they are in the process of making an official announcement and apology about this whole malarkey but it takes time because it will have to go through the legal department and others.

      I wonder why that video wasn’t shared here along with all the others, maybe because it wasn’t outright attacking WG but politely and calmly explaining the situation?


        1. I don’t watch him regularly anymore but I still prefer his opinion about this matter over someone who isn’t near the fire and don’t even know what the game is about.


        1. SHADYRUSH, can you include Jingles’s video on top of the post as well. Jim is not wrong but since he hasn’t played the game, so his credibility to us is low.


      1. 1) We have enough posts about the WG – Foch feud
        2) None of us are subscribed to Jingles and it wasn’t brought to our attention he talked about it until after this was posted.

        If Florian is truly making a official apology, then that will be the final thing that will be posted about this subject, all cards are already on the table at this point and sharing more videos and articles is pointless.

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    2. People are still missing the point though. The Chrysler is the latest in new line of broken heavy tanks which is just an attempt to milk money from the community at the cost of breaking their own game for everyone who plays it. What he said was spot on, how he said it was wrong


  5. I gave it a try and 3min45sec into it I gave, it is pretty clear he does not give a damn into getting to know the details surrounding WG and their games communities, another guy who jumped in the drama bandwagon to get views and judging by the title he is a repeat offender
    does it really matter that the HQ moved to Cyprus? when he talked about Tankfest my thought was “this guy does not care, he assumed Tankfest was a WG own marketing event”, it’s true that WG uses Tankfest to reach people who might have interest in history/tanks but not necessarily in gaming but it is still a small drop in all that goes on in it
    if he didn’t even care in researching what actually meant be a CC why would he care of learning:
    does SirFoch have reason on his side? (well, he does)
    did he deliver it the best way possible?
    did WG actually complain about the points made?
    was the person threatning with the strike high enough to go ahead with it?
    I believe normally the issue would be communicated to the legal department, which would then advise HQ or WG EU head, who would probably have the final word on it, maybe after consulting the head of the community managers team and the manager involved
    either way the guy making the threats most likely had no power to deliver it on his own since at least the legal department had to be informed before it to prepare if SirFoch hired a lawyer

    in conclusion the video is not worth watching and neither from any other youtube news/drama channel, videos from youtubers from the WoT or WoWs communities are much more worth the time

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  6. Who was this “top” ESL player that had the dumb opinion this tank is not broken overpowered, curious :D

    And as well, that Wargaming statement claiming SirFoch was being homophobic and practicing hate-speech: STOP making stuff up Wargaming, he was not!

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    1. This player is most likely your typical “I’m a uniscum so I am better than everyone and my opinion matters more than everyone else’s”. You know, the guy who fires nothing but gold when one of the 3 toptier tanks of the team, dies because of arty because he thought moving 10m in between reloads was enough to avoid it, and spends the rest of the game telling everyone else (still alive) that they’re all noobs and he is the best from the bottom of his grave.

      At least it looks like it.


  7. I think it’s enough to talk about it. Better blame WG and for that CW season is over, whish was most shity season I ever seen in WoT and they do any Mini Event. Poor WG, they better release crappy tank to sell it instead doing event.

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  8. I found SirFoch’s video stupid and insulting. I expect more quality from a contributor than the typical behaviour (like myself) shouting “F… MM” every time in the game. So, I believe such a video deserves to be taken down and Wargaming should have the right to have such content removed – no, it was not video criticism about the tank, it was insulting Wargaming.

    BUT, Jingles and Jim Sterling made me realise another point and I am very thankful about that. And I am very happy that so many people stood up and made a storm about it. Because now Wargaming knows where the line is – and probably we will have now more contributors criticising openly Wargaming.


    1. It wasn’t illegal for CCs to criticise Wargaming or any of the products of Wargaming before either. Most of them done it openly in the past already. The problem was the swearing and unprofessional approach of Foch as you said and the inappropriate joke of Circon.


      1. Was it?
        Think for a moment.
        The direction WG took this game when they overbuffed 110E5 to impenetrable (standard ammo and not only) levels.
        Ofc as Jingles said “by accident”, and it took them over a year of ” collecting data”,to nerf it back.
        Or buffing tanks that didnt need any buffs to make them much better than the rest.
        Or OVERbuffing certain tanks in nearly EVERY aspect,no need for naming here ey?
        Its a convevient “side effect” of those overbuffs that everybody shot gold at E5s before nerf,or is shooting at Mices and Types now,eh?
        Its very good PR to announce you’re gonna give armor its lost value and importance again,when every single one of us can press “2” and make that armor melt away like snow in a warm summerday,making it tottally irrelevant.There were only a handfull of tanks that were mostly or partially Prem ammo immune (hull down E3,hull down IS7,angled Maus for example).
        Nowdays WG is introducing a new breed of premium tanks that manage to be immune to lower tiers standard and prem rounds,same tiers standard and prem rounds,higher tier standard rounds and in some cases even higher tier prem rounds.
        Just remeber how this game used to be.
        I am an average 2.220 WN8 player,not too good,not too bad,and i used to carry like 5-7 gold rounds a couple of years ago.Studying weakspots and armor layouts helped a lot to make standard rounds work.
        But back then,you could pen MOST tanks with standard rounds.
        Nowdays,with introduction of Defenders,Libertes,Patriots,Chryslers or even high-pen-high-alpha tanks like Scorpion,you literally force every player to have anywhere from 30%-50% prem ammo loadout.
        That simply means that we are going to see the same (premium) tanks in randoms again and again,with Defenders and Libertes and Patriots and Chryslers bouncing premium rounds of eachother,paying a lot of credits while gradually doing less damage while those OP tanks take over randoms population….
        And im not even touching lower tiers Heat-spamming needs to face those armored giants.
        Do i smell big profit here?
        And no,profit is ok for a company,but looking only at profit kills the fun of the game and drives veterans and new players away.
        It drives new players,which are trying to grind lower tiers and get seal clubbed,away.
        It frustrates people who spend time and effort,and even money,to grind up to Heavy or Super heavy lines,only to find oit that the WILL get spammed and penetrated frontally by 330 Heat prefferably by russian medium statt-padding drivers,or simply due to BAD map-design ( not even touching that issue…)
        Isnt that what Foch was trying to say,even in his own rude way?

        I saw QBs video about this matter today.
        I am very happy he openly expressed many problems this game has.
        But i would be more happy if he would have done so some time ago,when the boat was turning the 100% P2W way.
        But better late than never.
        Because ultimattely,what drives all of us is the love for this game,and the urge to push WG to make it better,one wau or the other…..


  9. TS;DFW (Too stupid, didnt fully watch) – Jim freaks out about WG freaking out about Foch using bad language at WG, and ignores the fact that all they’ve said is true.
    Foch can make the same comments he did, WITHOUT the horrible vulgarity an dinappropriate content – just look at QB, Jingles, etc etc, they all said the tank is too strong/OP, but they DIDNT freak out on WG like Foch did


    1. So WG should go ahead and use dubious copyright claims on ALL his videos (As Ph3lan said) and destroy the channel he built for years?

      Yeah, totally ok. You probably also like it when your government doubles your taxes, with the reasoning of “We can, so why not?”


  10. WG is a soviet company, run by soviet-era educated persons and under the soviet yoke of Russia and Belarus…why are you surprised with WG’s behavior?

    The best answer to this soviet BS is just to stop playing their games and let them drown in their own BS…


  11. will things change after this? policy’s for sure and at least a apology to the community. However OP tanks and gold ammo, probably not realistically.


  12. The latest news: Jingles has left the CC program, PointyHairedJedi as well. Haven’t watched the QB vid on all of this (I’m at work now), but this is getting out of hand. Like it should.

    Maybe WG will pull their heads out of their asses and stop fucking up the gamebalance. WoT is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time, I don’t want to see it die this way.

    Those Belorussians are so ignorant, greedy and above all, not very smart.


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