Leaked Valkyria Chronicles Crew Pictures


For the tanks leaked prior in these articles:

Edelweiss Stats

Nameless Stats


17 thoughts on “Leaked Valkyria Chronicles Crew Pictures

    1. …..not inaccurate…..

      considering he doesn’t get a name means he’s essentially a red shirt from star trek. or a stormtrooper from star wars.

      aka, he’s got a bullet coming for him, guarenteed


            1. Do you need a lesson or two about humor, sarcasm and irony, Katya? Or should I call you Jake?

              Though admittedly, I’m not the best teacher… My kind of humor is like food. Some people have it, some don’t.

              Liked by 1 person

        1. If is according the setting from the original game, Isara is female and other tankers are male.

          (Give no f**ks to polictical correctness)


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