Supertest: Edelweiss Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures

Again, reminding that is for the ASIA region only. From the collaboration of WG with Valkyria Chronicles and SEGA.


Tier: 8 Premium Medium (Japanese)
HP: 1400
Engine: 800 hp
Mass: 32 t
Maximum load: 35 t
Power-to-weight: 25 hp / t
Max speed / Min speed: 60 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 42 °/s
Turret turning speed: 39,6 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,575 / 0,767 / 1,438
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 782,1 m

Hull armor: 120 / 60 / 60 mm
Turret armor: 120 / 80 / 60 mm

Gun: 88 mm Theimer L/40

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 295
Penetration: 190 / 224 / 44 mm
Rate of Fire: 8,343 rounds/minute
Damage per Minute: 2002,3
Reload time: 7,192 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +15 degrees

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:


44 thoughts on “Supertest: Edelweiss Complete Stats, Armor & Pictures

  1. Wish i could get these tanks on NA too would be cool to have them even tho 90% of the NA server would shit talk me an tk me for having a anime tank XD

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      1. GuP tanks would be way better and I wouldn’t mind them since they were based on real life tanks so I could just ask someone for a reskin or hope that WG would let them be disabled like in WoWS.


  2. It’s on topics like these where you see just how big people’s rage boner for anything anime is.

    People need to relax a bit, it’s just a game. Nothing in it is real.

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      1. Is it though?

        I see it even on WoWS, as soon as there’s a wiff of anime, people go fucking berserk, even if you can turn the content off.
        It’s a game, calm down. If you don’t like it, don’t play it.

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    1. Yea, why not put giant hamster robots with laser-shooting eyes in the game? Nothing in it is real after all.


      1. That thing looks like a tank, right?
        How is it any different than a make believe tank WG created in the 21st century?
        They both ground themselves in the WWII atmosphere anyways, so it’s not as if it were a giant pink hamsterbot with lasers.


          1. Yet somehow, the flat turret T-100, the ludicrous O-series tanks, the WT pz4 with a gun three times as long as the chassis are all perfectly acceptable?

            Come on, I would agree that it would be too much if you were forced to play with blatantly un-tank-like vehicle with flashy colors…
            But that’s just a too compact, beefy Panther. It doesn’t stand out any more than the rolling pillbox that is the O-I.

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            1. T-100 existed and according to Soviet documents, and it was able to achieve those -5 degrees of gun depression. The 15 tons wass able to be achieved with composite armor.

              There are lot of other SPGs and tank destroyers with big guns. The Koksan or this…

              I’m sure such a configuration is possible. Very light chassis such as the many 8,8cm L/71 Waffentragers have been built and have fired

              The tier 5 and 6 O-I were planned and possibly built. The rest at least look realistic.

              The animeme tanks in my opinion are obviously cartoony.

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              1. First of all I didn’t comment on the feasibility of the T-100, more it’s aspect.
                Although I doubt it had -5 gun depression, as I have my doubts it breech could have even fit inside the ridiculously low turret.

                Commenting on the looks of tanks, the T-100, the WT PZ4 and Grille 15 with ridiculously oversized guns that poke out of the tank like a giant kebab skewer, and the multi turreted idiot show that are O-series Japanese tanks don’t look more realistic than these cartoon tanks.

                You’re only seeing it through personnal bias.
                Give a layman images of all the tanks I listed, ask him to pick out the one that he thinks never existed and is 100% fake, and I’m sure he’ll pick one of those Japanese heavies without even hesitating.

                Also no, a Panther hull toting what is essentially a larger and more powerful version of a naval gun (Grille 15) isn’t even remotely feasible.

                They couldn’t even fit those in 3300t destroyers, but somehow using an already overstressed panther hull is feasible? Nope.

                The best I can offer you is to agree to disagree.
                And to chill out a little bit.
                You might not like that sort of thing, but others might. And others might enjoy the breath of fresh air that comes with the increase in playerbase.
                WoWS profited a LOT from anime collabs, and an old game like WoT needs all the help it can get to stop from hemoraging players.


                1. Yes, I’m sure the Waffentrager Pz. IV can mount such weapons. This was a real design built by German engineers. The FV4005 mounted a 183mm gun meant for anti-tank purposes mounted and fired.

                  I guarantee a layman would pick one of the O-I projects over the Edelweiss. Just look at it. It’s obvious that they’re from some sort of game or cartoon. It’s short, stubby, mantlet makes no sense, hull is far out, etc.

                  I personally hate the O-I garbage tanks, I want them out of the game and I would be a hypocrite to be okay with cartoony obviously fake tanks in the game.

                  As for the Grille 15, that’s likely one of Hitler’s pipe dreams and I also do think thats bull shit. However, I would prefer it over the Waffentrager E 100. The chassis would little to no armor which means that the suspension wouldn’t be as stressed.

                  I would need a citation, but I would say that the physics in boats are different than on land.

                  You can have your animeme tanks, I don’t give a shit. Have your GuP tanks, although I would prefer it wasn’t in the game, I would hope I can turn that shit off like in WoWs. If not, I can mod it out. You can’t do this with a tank that has a radically different hit box.

                  I have an issue with these obviously fake tanks. This is one the first purely fake premiums in WoT PC. Which means that their removal is little to none.


  3. Japanese? Wouldn’t Czech make more sense? I know it’s anime, but story is about Eastern Europeans in a fictional Europe, isn’t it?


    1. German or French actually, the fictional both tanks come from in game is dead ringer of Low Countries, it named ‘Gallia’ which is old name of France but a lot of its weaponry have Germanic name.
      Making it German is more apt actually, since Japanese seems have this big boner toward German.

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    2. It is fictitious Germany vs fictional France. No Czech bullshit here, and we know it was actually called the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during these times.


      1. Don’t get me wrong, i would love to see those tanks in special mode on EU server but making them into standard premiums where you would see Tiger II and this weird thing side by side it would simply destroy my experience… especialy when they would outperform all normal tanks which would suck even more.

        It was bad enough when those clown tanks came but ok, that thing is possible and still somewhat realistic… while this weird things simply don’t belong into this game.
        Those who are such huge fans of the series can still mod their tanks and make them look as anime like as they want while not affecting the experience of other players.

        WoT is still historical enough to deliver that WW2 era tank battle experience (not saying it’s realistic nor 100% correct).

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  4. Kinda mixed feelings about this. The tanks look cool and interesting and I kinda would love to drive one. But then again if I saw this it would kinda kill the mood of the ‘historical’ aspect of the game (despite the fact that the game is already relatively unrealistic and unhistorical).

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    1. Historic and realistic in WOT was BS since the very first day anyway. Arties directly hitting tanks as their priority mission are BS. E-50M, T28 proto, FV215b with 120, Conqueror GC, O-Ni and O-Ho are all BS. Jagdeloo, T28 and those T110 are real project, but the models in game are BS. Sweden heavies and JPII armor profiles are BS. Derp on PzIV, BL-9 on IS-3 and many other guns on tanks are BS. I TBH can’t understand why people concern that much about another fantasy tank being introduce while so many of them are in the game already.

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      1. Because these tanks have absolutely no connection with real life history, made for another game with a different setting and timeline, made in an art style not fitting the game, made by someone who have 0 experience in tank design, doesn’t look realistic


        1. >absolutely no connection with real life history
          A lore as fake as the tank themselves didn’t make them more historical, fake is fake.

          >made by someone who have 0 experience in tank design
          Well, yeah, WG designer did have a lots of experience in “making” tank then SEGA in that sense.

          >doesn’t look realistic
          So you are saying something came with a designation 2 models after O-I would have that steam-punk WW1 mix outlook, as well as a T-54 with Patton turret which physically should not fit. I can keep going on.

          Yes, you can certainly argue they don’t fit the art style, but again talking about historic and realistic in WOT is BS.


          1. This is shit that we don’t want in the game.

            Better now to fix what I consider an issue then adding weeb tanks and next BS RTS sci-fi tanks in the future just because of all the current BS tanks.

            And all of those tanks, for the most part, look like they’re made by someone competent. Not by some unpaid Japanese intern working for SEGA.

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  5. they better buff my T34-3 if this thing comes out, 120mm, 60 side and 25 HP/T????!!!!!! thats more armoured than my T34 and it is still faster?!?!?!!


  6. Haha So tank games Belarus and Russia are really very successful

    Those who say that leaving this game is a lie (See too many of these people)


    1. Haha some people say that E-50M at least a little reality the German have designed E-50M ?

      Fictitious tank facts WG reference to the German E-50 tank and then create the E-50M tank after

      Go to the United States to apply for a patent


      1. So what? It’s still more realistic than a random tank with no real history connections created by an artist who have 0 experience in tank design.


  7. Just remember in the time period that WG has set WoT in, their is only a set amount of tank designs about and not many left to be put into the game. What is going to happen to WoT when it runs out of new historical tanks? Wargaming is a business it is their to make money, hook or by crook they will temp all of us to open our wallets and part with our cash. Consumerism working as intended


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