How to play the Chrysler GF


25 thoughts on “How to play the Chrysler GF

  1. step one make a pay to play premium, step two censor all bad reviews, step three if you fail shoot them, step four make a shitty how to video about it…

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  2. Step one:
    You press Escape and click on ‘Exit game’.
    Step two:
    Click on the start button (or that other crap you Windows 10 peasants have) and select the turning off button.
    Step three:
    Wait until the computer turns off. Stand up from your device and walk away.
    Step four:
    Go outside, take a walk, find new things, make new friends.*

    *Individual experiences may differ, this guide cannot be held liable for any damages for personal property or health of any individual concerned.

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  3. *Step one:*
    Load APCR as default ammunition.
    *Step two:*
    Press W until you reach the closest corridor choke point and spam skill while blocking 7k dmgs.
    *Step three:*
    Two weeks later, complain on the forum as everybody load their own gold ammo whenever you are spotted.
    *Step four:*
    *Step five:*
    WG profits.

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  4. [Taken as close to word for word as I could from the video, altered to read quicker]

    1: Against Tier 7 vehicles you can W without any worries. Only TDs can pen you, and not with
    every shot.

    2: When angled properly, you won’t even need any cover. Many Tier 8 vehicles will be helpless
    against you.

    3: Hide your lower plate. Tier 7s can’t pen it anyway, but its hidden, you become
    impenetrable for most enemies [even though you have a turret hatch and machine gun
    ports]. Even Tier 10 tanks will have a hard time penetrating with a standard shell [so they’ll
    have to fire prem].

    4: Only the French Tier 8 heavies [ie only the fastest heavy line in the game] can compete with
    your mobility. Even some Tier 8 mediums can’t keep up. [Hp/t & Terrain Resistances are
    better than an FCM, despite all your armour]

    5: Your aimtime is better than every Tier 8 heavy except one, and is better than every Tier 9 &
    10 heavy except one [counting tanks released/sold on EU, better than 22/23 other T8
    Heavies (not counting duplicates eg IS-6B or CW), & better than 23/24 (not counting CW)
    Tier 9 & 10 Heavies]

    Your aimtime is better than every single Tier 8 & 9 med, and is better than all but two Tier
    10 med. [counting tanks released/sold on EU, better than all 25 Tier 8 meds (not counting
    duplicates and CW), better than all 13 Tier 9 meds, and better than 12/14 Tier 10 meds. (not
    counting CW)

    6: The only drawback is standard shell penetration; 198mm. Of course there are APCR
    rounds with 260mm of penetration for “emergencies” [Does this even need a comment…]

    7: When dueling meds at close range, you can be pretty confident. Only the most agile vehicles will
    be able to outmanoeuvre you.

    TLDR: If you still can’t see why the Chrysler K is overpowered, you are part of the problem.


  5. “Against Tier 7 vehicles you can W without any worries”

    Ha ha ha. WG doesn’t even care to admit in commercial that tank is full retard OP p2win.


    1. Video said something like “Against Tier 7s, you can roll out without any worries” but you know, same thing


  6. Man, I gotta get one of these — forget the Defender!

    So glad that guy “Sir Foch” raised awareness of how broken this tank is, so I could throw more money at Wargaming! ..and to think I was going to hold out for another Patriot or Defender sale!


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