Frontline Guide: Grand Canyon and Sunny Valley

Source: Sandbox Portal

Battle Setup

Vehicles: All Tier X vehicles except for Premium and Special Event tanks.

Teams: 30 players per side. The matchmaker creates teams based on balance requirements and limitations established in 9.18, ensuring the difference in the number of light tanks, TDs, and arty within each part of the list is just one vehicle at the most. The difference in the number of Platoon players is set to two at the most. The number of SPGs is limited to six at the most per team.

Maps: The matchmaker chooses between two maps, Grand Canyon (Encounter battles) and Sunny Valley (Standard and Encounter battles). To provide each of the 60 players with enough space for maneuvers, we increased map sizes to 1.2×1.2 km for Grand Canyon and 1.4×1.4 km for Sunny Valley.

NOTE: At this point, the two new maps are merely prototypes of future arenas, designed to evaluate new combat scenarios. As we get closer to finalizing gameplay elements for each, we’ll bring maps to completion, too, texturing highly-detailed objects and environments for you to enjoy.

Victory conditions: Capture the base (the enemy base for Standard mode, or the neutral one for Encounter battles) or destroy all enemy vehicles.

Base capture: Just as in Random Battles, once a tank enters a circle, capture begins. Three players can participate in capturing at the same time, and the capture speed hits its peak at three players. In Standard mode, base capture pauses if an enemy tank enters the circle. However, this won’t reset the timer. The timer resets if a tank in the circle, which is actively capturing points, receives any amount of damage or has a module damaged. In Encounter mode, base capture is halted when an enemy tank enters the circle and resumes when it leaves. The base is fully captured when the meter reaches 100.

Battle duration: 20 minutes. If the time limit expires and neither team captures the opposing base or destroys all vehicles, then the match is a draw.


Frontline’s economic system is a work in progress. We used the Tier X economy as the foundation and are currently collecting stats to fine-tune vehicle earnings.


22 thoughts on “Frontline Guide: Grand Canyon and Sunny Valley

  1. In the meantime those not having tier X, for what ever reason I must say, we will happily play on on our 800×800 and 1x1km corridor maps! Thank you :”)

    Do hope this mode, or parts of it like thise smaller maps, will eventually be made available to other tiers as well. Some info on this will also be very much appreciated. Such communication by WG would lessen the feeling some might have over this mode.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah you’d almost feel sorry for the poor sod ghehe xD

        But laughs aside, such maps would be good on tier 8+ only.


    1. Those new maps are also corridors, because there are only 2-3 viable paths to go anyways. All maps are corridors because most areas of the maps are not viable for most tenks anyays LUL.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah because 60 players swarming one cap will work. and oh, 1.2 x 1.2 is a good map size for 60 players!!!!


  3. Doesn’t the grand canyon map remind you of something ? 2 sides with only 3 ways to pass ?

    Erlenberg anyone ?


  4. this looks cool but it needs to be open to all teirs not just 10. not everyone has a teir 10 or cant play teir 10 24/7 cause that crap is expensive….hell my PTA is expensive an i only run APCR i dont even have heat loaded good game still makes me lose creds.

    Hoping they do something with the economy an change it so teir 8-10 are playable for non-prem people atm if you dont have prem your losing buckets of creds.


    1. No. It NEEDS to be tier 10 only. It’s the only way to balance it via tank class. And the reason is quite simple MOST tier 10 tanks are fully upgraded. The last think you want, is the one tier 9 guy, jumping in his unupgraded tank – because he can. ‘Hey guys I’m stock’ If WG allows it to happen, it will happen. However, they do need to made this mode cheap to play – it’s really fun, but it players are losing credits constantly, they simply won’t play it.


  5. LUL? Why should WG make it cheaper to play hugh tiers? They need to rebalance the whole economy, make it more expensive to play high tiers and remove gold ammo. By doing so players need to use prem account to afford playing higher tiers alone, rather than playing higher tiers and spam gold. The advnatage from premiu maccount should be to play hiugh tiers with profit, not play high tiers and spam gold amd fuck balance (like it is nuw).


    1. The unicums in the top clans will simply use all their free gold to keep a premium account and if they can’t afford gold spam with that, they will just go back to paying gold for gold ammo. Then Mr. Average will have no reason to play anything above tier 6 and half the game would be off-limits for free-to-play players.


      1. On one hand you are right. On the other, HEAT makes crap premium ammo, especially on mediums (and that is what most good players play).


      2. Then WG should balance and market the game so “averages” get premium tanks and prem account to play high tiers and NOT spam gold. A way to do this is to balance tier 8 and 10 better so it becomes more fun so people are willing to pay. The sole reason to get premium tanks and prem account should NOT be to afford gold ammo. Gold ammo needs to get scrapped and game should be perfeclt balanced even if that means a subscribtion is needed.

        I live by this logic, I pay for premium but I do that so I can make profit with tier 8 tanks so I can afford consumables, inscriptions, camo and also gain XP faster to train new crews. This should be the advnatage of paying, not paying to win by shooting gold. Gold ammo does nothing good for game balance excep making WG rich. The rest can be fixed by tank and MM balance.

        Im sure WG could come up with something else to use the extra credits and xp on instead of goldspam.


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