War Thunder – Q&A 04.05.2017

Dennis probably had a busy night again, trying to come out with these answers…

Why do HEI-T projectiles for aircraft have larger penetration values than the same calibre in ground forces?​

Minengeschoß do not count. However the 50 mm German cannon found on the Pz III J1 penetrates 4 mm but on the Me 410 its 6-7 mm. 37 mm on aircraft have 5 mm penetration but on the Ostwind only 2 and 4 mm?

 Answer: This is partially down to the aviation Damage Model, however we are working to correct everything to have the same parameters.

Are there still plans for more variants of existing popular low – mid rank fighters? Such as the P-40, Bf 110, Hurricane, F4U, P-47 and P-51?​

 Answer: Yes, several modifications of these machines are in production now.

When the Spitfire Mk V’s receive their reworked models, will you remove the tropical Vokes filter from the Mk Vb and keep it on the Vc so we can have a Tropical and Nontropical filtered Spitfire V? Or perhaps a premium clipped wing LF Vb without a filter? In addition, are there any plans for a premium US Spitfire Vb tropical?

​ Answer: Yes, we plan to add several more options for the Mk V, along with the remaking of current models, including one without a tropical filter.

Is it possible we will see premium variants of famous Spanish modifications of German aircraft such as the Merlin Engine powered Hispano Ha-112-M1L Buchon (Bf 109G) and CASA 2.111 (HE-111)?

​ Answer: Currently, there are no plans.

Ground Forces

Are there still plans for a Light Tank branch for Germany or have plans been abandoned?​

​ Answer: Most likely it will not be a completely separate branch, but we will add the most interesting machines amongst other branches, something interesting is already planned in the next major patch.

Currently there are very uncomfortable camera positions on the top British tanks (Centurions, Chieftains) in Simulator Battles. The sight is much higher (with the lateral correction everyone is used to), it is insanely difficult to acquire the desired elevation angle. I understand, it seems to be historically accurate, but we do not have sight grids, which historically were on the vehicles.

Is there any way to fix this (to shift, as an example, the grid to “clear” height)?

​ Answer: There are plans for Simulator Battles and in Realistic Battles to improve camera positions and aiming positions. Currently the axes of the gun and the sight are parallel, which is not entirely correct.

Why does the game need viewports and sighting devices? Why should they be modeled and given damageable modules?​

​ Answer: Currently, these modules represent some protection against secondary armour fragments, especially if the sight or devices are of a large size. Usually, the more modern the tank, the larger the amount of protection these models can provide for the gunner.

Why are there no more new options for additional armour protection.

You said that extra armour would  not only be tracks, but also sandbags and individual armoured plates, will this be revisited?

​ Answer: Currently we are somewhat focused on new vehicles and models, but the addition of different types of additional armour protection is in planning.

Are there plans for a Ground Forces Japanese tier IV premium?

​ Answer: Yes, there are such plans.

Are there any plans for German Waffenträger SPG/Tank Destroyers in the second German Tank Destroyer line?

​ Answer: Yes, there are plans for such a machines, but most likely we will not make a second line of tank destroyers. We will add the machines separately to different branches.

Now that the 183mm FV4005 is in game, is it possible we could get a new top tier British 183mm Heavy Gun Tank FV215? The tank was developed from the Conqueror and uses the same gun as FV4005, so it would be the perfect successor to the Conqueror Mk II. The tank was classified as both a Heavy Tank and SPG, but it would fit better after the Conqueror as a heavy tank.

​ Answer: Only a mockup model was built and we try not to introduce such machines without an emergency situation that calls for it. Britain already has the FV4005 with this cannon and there are heavy tanks on the top ranks. We plan to introduce other machines and modifications at the moment.

Do you have any plans for low Rank US premium multi-turreted tanks like the T-35, A1E1, Nb.Fz and Type 95?

​ Answer: So far we have not chosen a worthy candidate that compares well to these tanks.


Why not give players the opportunity to choose when to activate test drive rewards, just like with boosters or wagers? 

The fact is that not everyone has time to use the test drives after entering the game.

​ Answer: There are some technical limitations to this factor.

Recently, I have noticed a depressing tendency to cut the size of the maps, not only in RB, but also in SB. This particularly affects the top vehicles in which these maps are very tight.

What is the reason for this?​

​ Answer: Relatively recently, we have in fact increased the specific rotation “weighting” with “bigger” maps in SB, currently, they occupy about 70% of the total rotation, and for some maps Additional parameters have been added for the battle area in SB.

Why has the program that added user created content (camouflage) to the game ceased?​

 If this is not the case, then what is the criteria for selecting the ones that enter the game and why in the last few years, no camouflage has been added to the game from War Thunder Live? Moreover, for the entire time of the game’s existence, under the “Revenue Share” program, not a single user camouflage for ground vehicles has been added. Why is that?

​ Answer: “Over the past few years” – is a bit of an exaggeration. The reason no user camouflage for ground vehicles have been added into the game is purely technical in nature: there is no way to make a custom camo so that it worked together with a camouflage mask and was correctly processed when the tank was destroyed. In the future, we plan to revise the principle of adding custom camouflage to the game so that the creators and players themselves take a greater part in this, and to make it much easier.

Is it possible to add small previews in the pre-match menu opposite the currently selected camouflage? 

This would help visualise the camo and help to choose the best camouflage for the situation. The current names are not always informative, especially ones such as “one-color” or “standard”.

​ Answer: Unfortunately, downloading camouflage information will require downloading the model itself, which has not yet been loaded in the pre-match menu. Downloading the model will require loading all the vehicles on the fly, which would significantly increase the waiting time before a battle and would require considerable client resources.

Beyond Italy and France, are there any other major nations that may be considered?

Or will the remaining nations be united into a “International” tree of sorts? Sweden for example has many independant aircraft and ground forces and could support its own tree.

​ Answer: We do not exclude the possible introduction of machines of Swedish or Czech construction, as well as other European countries, but we cannot discuss the details yet.


4 thoughts on “War Thunder – Q&A 04.05.2017

      1. not exactly, gaijin has the tendency to release the more hyped/interesting/competitive variants as premiums and the “meh” variants as regulars
        I have something like 300~400€ in free experience to convert and unlock vehicles, if the He.219 A-7, T-29, Do.335 B-2, Super Hellcat, AC IV Thunderbolt, J2M5, Ki-87 or A7M1 (NK9H) were regular researcheable vehicles I would gladly spend some money unlocking them with RP and/or spend some golden eagles in upgrading them, afterall who would spend their money on something that is less interesting then the premiums? I just need to buy the premium and won’t ever need to spend those 300+€ to convert RP/XP
        gaijin does not understand this and that is why they don’t make as much as they could if they were more player-friendly

        the O-Is will be the same, if ever added, unless they find out/decide that the most competitive variant can only be rank V, and since there are no rank V premiums, it will escape the fate of becoming premium, but I seriously doubt they will add anything past 7.0 on the O-I line, Type 2604/2605 might never be added


    1. I really wish they don’t introduce design / fake / unhistorical / prototype tanks. there is already too much IMO. That’s one of the reasons i left wot : 90% of the vehicles you meet are bullshits.


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