War Thunder – Katyusha incoming?

Redditor mike10d is always on his quest to rip apart War Thunder patches, unearthing all the more or less hidden changes. This time, from Soviet Russia with love.



  • Br 2.7
  • rank 1
  • premium
  • 850 GE
  • currently hidden in tech tree
  • 2 crew
  • 7 degrees per seconds horizontal traverse
  • 3 degrees per seconds vertical traverse
  • 12 second reload time for ammo at cap points
  • Gun depression: min gun depression: 8 up in the air. Maybe down to 1 degrees up when at max yaw
  • Gun yaw: 10 degrees
  • HE rockets
  • 132 mm M13 rocket
  • 4.9 kg (probably) of explosive mass (tnt)

Most likely appearance – special event or limited-time sale to celebrate RU Victory Day.


4 thoughts on “War Thunder – Katyusha incoming?

  1. well, the model is already ingame, 3 of them can be seen in the Poland map at cap C in domination, they are just making them playable


    1. there is plenty of reasons to sh*t talk about gaijin and WT development but adding the Katyusha is not one of them, furthermore it has been rumored to be a event reward for RU victory day
      don’t forget that WG had the Katyusha modeled since day 1 of WoT but decided to not go ahead with it, WT is not the first to consider it
      sure rocket launchers are not really effective in WT ground forces, and these kind of vehicles are not worth much more than as a collectors item, yet you have to praise risking to add it, if given the correct price, since there will be players who like them, just like many players still wait for amphibious tanks in WoT or armored cars in both WoT and WT

      regarding the joke about the hilux….just don’t, it is too serious a issue to make jokes like that, have some common sense

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