War Thunder – The DDs Cometh

In the previous article about ships, Gaijin kind of bowed their head, admitting not everything is well in the Kingdom of Denmark ships. And now, the squeel of a legion of ship fans will be heard…

Right at the start of the naval battles development in War Thunder, we never excluded the possibility of the introduction of bigger ships. Now we bring you Destroyers – the “workhorses” of fleets across the globe were often massively produced – these ships performed a great variety of tasks and battled their opponents in various situations. These are the fastest of the “bigger” vessels in the naval fleet, with their maximum speed of up to 35-40 knots (75 km/h), having powerful armament, they however lack the armour of cruisers or battleships. We believe that these characteristics will make it possible for these craft to take part in combined battles, along with aircraft and mosquito fleet vessels and that’s what we want to test in the upcoming test sessions.


In 1934, the British Royal Navy was aware of the urgent need to develop new destroyers that were heavier and more powerful than the top vessels of the time (I class), which already lagged behind the newer ships of Britain’s potential enemies. The new destroyers were initially designed as flotilla leaders, maximizing their standard displacement up to 1,850 tons. Tribal-class destroyers could achieve a respectable speed of 36 knots (67 km/h) and had a fuel capacity that gave them a maximum range of 6,600 miles at 15 knots. The crews on the new destroyers varied depending on military necessity and ranged from 190 to 300 men at various stages during the Second World War.



The artillery armament on the new vessels consisted of eight 120mm guns in four twin mountings, two towards the bow and two towards the stern of the vessel. The anti-aircraft armament comprised one quadruple 40mm gun mounting nicknamed the “Pom-pom” and two quadruple mountings with large-calibre machine guns. Torpedo weaponry was sacrificed in favor of artillery power and was unusually meager: a single 21 inch (533mm) quadruple torpedo tube, capable of only one full salvo. Nevertheless, the reduced torpedo armament was not mirrored in the vessel’s anti-submarine capabilities. In addition to an anti-submarine sonar, all Tribal-class destroyers carried 20 depth charges that could be dropped from a special rack or thrown from mine launchers.


A total of 16 destroyers were built for the British fleet between 1936 and 1939, and 11 vessels were later ordered for Canada and Australia (1939–1940). Production of the 11 vessels for the two Commonwealth countries continued until the end of the war.

Members of the pre-beta test will be able to test this destroyer in one of the future tests, and results of this test will taken into account for the future development of our fleet. 


14 thoughts on “War Thunder – The DDs Cometh

    1. no, they don’t because they themselves don’t even know how Naval Forces (NF) will turn out
      they did not want to make bigger ships because they cost more
      there’s also the fact that the soviets don’t have near as many powerfull ships as the other nations (Iowa, Yamato, Bismarck, New Orleans, Mogami, etc…) unless they add incomplete and paper ships, if they add too many cold-war ships it will be the whole ATGM problem once again

      either way they could not have revealed the tech trees because they realized US Navy and specially IJN don’t have enough “boats” to make a competitive tech tree, the USN has a lot of PT-Boats (the IJN also has a few) but never really bothered with river patrol boats and similar ships
      they did have some coastal patrol boats with big guns but all well over 60m at least


  1. This whole “naval forces” thing is taking far too long. They admitted that they have a whole bunch of big ships pretty much ready for use,why are they so scared to do it? At least they took the first step…that’s something….


    1. it is not taking “too long”, WoWs development started as early as 2014 and we only got it mid 2015 as an alpha, although it is indeed true there’s far too few ships for testing right now and they have to step it up, but then again without DDs IJN and USN would have really poor tech trees (and this probably means Corvettes, Frigates and Coastal Patrol ships will probably also be added, unlike WoWs)
      don’t forget that while doing NF they have also been working on french, italian and possibly swedish tech trees research, italian seems to already have begun the modeling process and french will follow, and then there is the hint in last year Q&As about the revival of the International Tech Tree, curiously around the same time WG started saying “we don’t listen the community enough” and started researching polish, hungarian, swiss, yugoslavian and other similar armour industries as possible TT candidates or ITT members


    1. #Domo they added depth charges to the game as a “countermeasure” for faster ships getting behind bigger ones and launch torps from its “blindside”, don’t know if they also added a mechanic to counter torps but I haven’t seen any torp destroyed by DC blasts
      this feature proved completely useless as it should be if they wanted to keep “realism”, afterall they are DEPTH CHARGES and the boats in the game are too small to be low enough on the water for it to be in blast radius
      since it’s GAIJIN they simply don’t like to admit they were wrong, just like how they messed the T34 up and don’t fix it (or don’t properly balance the RU-251 and IS-6), so now they started mentioning submarines a lot, they could come but generally subs are slower than most BBs, something like 15~18knots while there aren’t many BBs slower than 20knots, this means subs would go against GAIJINs claim that players would not like slow pace matches and will not add them, but then again players still play GF and AF RB and SB battles exaclty they have a slower pace


    1. it definitly is not a “good beginning” because GAIJIN is being GAIJIN once again, they are trying to pass the whole thing as if they DID NOT say before bigger ships WILL NOT BE ADDED because they WOULDN’T WORK
      trust me, there are 2 reasons their plans for NF changed, the impact of how dynamic the whole “April fools event” was compared to the slugish gameplay of some ships that were added because “they are faster than bigger ships”
      in reality AF was an article about adding BBs and CAs and a soviet 1970’s nuclear BGM cruiser as countermeasure for Iowa and other ships, they did not realease it on the portal and kept it in the wiki page
      the other reason, the hidden one and also the reason no TT has been revealed, is that they could not make serious USN and IJN tech trees with boats alone


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