Light Tanks Revision: Germany

Source: EU WoT Portal

German efficiency isn’t just reserved for the nation’s cars—their tanks are pretty robust, too. Built to last and synonymous with high quality, German light tanks stand out from the crowd thanks to excellent firepower and equipment. In Update 9.18, the Tech Tree was extended to Tier X, unleashing two new vehicles onto the battlefield: the HWK 12 (Tier VIII) and the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen (Tier X).

Today, we’ll be taking a trip through the updated German Tech Tree and checking out the changes along the way.


A decent scout with a great emphasis on sudden high-damage strikes, the VK 16.02 Leopard (Tier V) no longer gets matched against Tier VIII vehicles and can be much more productive, if you play your cards right. The transition to ±2 battles brings a boost to its firepower. Now, its 5 cm Kw. K. 39 L/60 gun can pierce 100 m with AP shells, picking off enemy arty and sending light tanks back to the Garage. The tank loses a bit in specific engine power and view range to keep it from being OP, but retains excellent mobility and on-the-move camouflage.

An excellent anti-scout and dedicated arty hunter, the VK 28.01 receives a more powerful top configuration engine (700 h.p.). It waves goodbye to its 10.5 cm howitzer that, while notorious for poor shell velocity, aim and reload time, was capable of dishing out solid damage. To make up for this change, we significantly ramped up the VK 28.01’s top gun parameters, increasing its AP shell penetration to 132 mm.

The Spähpanzer SP I. C. (Tier VII) remains a zippy, sneaky assassin, capable of getting in quick damage and retreating back to safety. You can use even the smallest bush to your advantage, as this Tier VII is just tiny! Following the transition to ±2 battles, we had to bring its top gun parameters down a bit, while also replacing its magazine loading system with a traditional one. On the upside, it benefits from a considerable boost in mobility thanks to a more powerful engine, which, paired with great camo and small size, makes it even harder to spot and/or hit.

Rolling out at Tier VIII is the HWK 12. Sleek and nimble, it takes a lot after the Spähpanzer SP I. C., but is far ahead in terms of gun parameters and mobility.

The agile beast Spähpanzer Ru 251 moves up a Tier. This tank has long since built a name for itself by being an amazing scout that hits hard and is maneuverable enough to pivot and circle enemy tanks. In 9.18, it receives a bump in firepower and mobility, which should raise its chances at contributing to the battle and surviving daring maneuvers.

Topping the German light tank line is the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen. Very similar to the Ru 251, it packs a powerful, accurate gun and great gun depression, which, combined with its excellent mobility and solid-for-its-class penetration, makes it a perfect pick for positional fire. Load it with HE shells, jump out of shade and punish lightly armored enemies!

What happens to modules, XP, Crew, emblems and camo you have on light tanks?

Configuration. If you have vehicles that changed a Tier in 9.18 and they’re researched to the top configuration, they retain it upon changing.

Crew moves with the tank. Fully-trained Crew is transferred back to the Barracks and re-trained to 100% for a new Tier. If you have Crew trained to 100% on a light tank that moves up a Tier, but don’t have this tank in the Garage at the update’s release, the Crew will be retrained for a higher Tier regardless.

New French and German Tier VIII light tanks will be credited to all players who have these nations’ Tier VIII vehicles that move up to Tier IX with an extra Garage Slot and a 50% Crew.

The American M41 Walker Bulldog and the Soviet LTTB that both move up to Tier VIII will be credited to all players who have these nations’ Tier VIII vehicles that move up to Tier IX with an extra Garage Slot and a 50% Crew. If you already have the M41 Walker Bulldog and LTTB in the Garage, you’ll receive 1,200,000 Credits.

Emblems and camo. Emblems and camo bought with Gold and mounted on Tier VIII vehicles that move up to Tier IX will be removed. But fear not; you’ll get the amount of Gold they cost you credited to your account. Temporary emblems and camo you have on vehicles that move up a Tier will be removed as well. In this case, you receive the amount in Credits proportional to their remaining duration. Unique emblems and camo are here to stay: they’ll get de-mounted from Tier VIII vehicles and you can apply them to any other tank.

Finally, changes to the branch structure won’t affect XP you’ve earned on light tanks. They stay at the Tier they were earned on.


15 thoughts on “Light Tanks Revision: Germany

    1. I really like it’s “bump in mobility”. Apparently in WGs mind a 10km/h speed nerf is completely offset by small power to weight (and I think traverse) buffs. These entire LT revision posts are a joke.


        1. The problem was the old RU251 had enough p/w ratio to use that top speed in combat already, which not much tanks (like AMX13 90) could have done. The only thing better now is climb, but for top speed it still a total nerf.


  1. Anyone watching the big streamers playing light tanks since 9.18 now knows for sure that light tanks are useless or at the very least require a unicorn skill level to play compared to mediums. Compared to mediums light tanks are now to weak to fight, to blind to scout, and can barely run away.

    People will play around with lights for a little while, then they stop using them.

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  2. I’d say German LT’s were the biggest losers of this “revision”. Pretty much every German LT from tier 6 to tier 10 is worst of close to worst in it’s tier. They only really gained in tier 4/5.
    And it’s not only performance-wise. They were kinda unique, now they’re just bland. VK had derp, SP1C had autoloader, RU had DPM and best topspeed in the game. Not they don’t stand out in anything.
    So, you have tanks that have no redeeming features and don’t perform very well. So why grind them? 🤔


  3. If you ever need evidence that WG don’t understand balance, just take a look at them removing the howitzer from the VK. Apparently, in their mind, it was a terrible gun because of the usual howitzer stats. However, having clearly never actually played the thing, they didn’t understand that it was emblematic of the unique gamestyle German LTs had. Specifically 4/5/6. Those are the burst LTs. Not like the French autoloaders, which are slower to kill than this. This is run in, dump ~300 damage on target and run out again. Or, if you’re in the Leo or VK, ram the target to death.

    It was hugely satisfying to get a howitzer pen on target in the VK. There were plenty of targets for it. Softskinned TDs, Rear and side armor. Artillery. The VK took some skill and positioning to play, and rewarded a skilled player handsomely for it. And more to the point, it was a unique and fun tank to play. Not anymore though.


  4. -An excellent anti-scout and dedicated arty hunter[…]
    They mean it WAS. I doubt how can VK2801 still be an “excellent anti-scout” without that derp. That was the only reason VK2801 was a good scout-interceptor. As a scout it was blah, but it blast other scouts to death. Now a 59-16 or T37 will out-DPM a VK if they found each other in a typical early scouts encounter.

    -The Spähpanzer SP I. C. (Tier VII) […] You can use even the smallest bush to your advantage, as this Tier VII is just tiny! […]
    No it’s not. That thing is actually kind of tall.

    -The agile beast Spähpanzer Ru 251 […] it receives a bump in firepower and mobility […]
    No it didn’t. The DPM is down by 276.81, which is more than one shot per minute. Top speed got nerfed by 10 km/h. Effective traverse was improved by no more than 2 degrees on hard or medium land. The only thing I can confirm is whoever wrote this part about RU should go back to elementary school for math.


  5. I had to giggle while reading this. I actually never played the German lights, but how those Belorussians do their marketing is hilarious. It’s how western companies did marketing in the 1950’s: just shout as hard as possible and claim that your product is the best, regardless of what it really is. Just like Coca Cola was claiming that their product was healthy for upgrowing kids…

    Belorussia, still getting used to capitalism and democracy.


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