Supertest: SU-76G FT

This is the SU-76G FT (my prediction was wrong). Whether it existed is up for debate, but I have actually seen with my own eyes a real Chinese SU-76 modification with an interesting super structure. Anyways, here are the stats and screenshots.

Tier: TD-4
HP: 280
Engine power: 430 hp
Weight: 11.9 tons
Power-to-weight: 36.13 hp/t
Speed: 45/-12 km/h
Hull rotation: 40
Terrain resistances: 1,055/1,247/2,014
View range: 300 meters
Radio range: 600 meters

Hull armor: 25mm/15mm/?
Super structure armor: 15mm/10mm/?

Gun: 85 mm 56-85TG FT

Alpha damage: 160 / 160 / 280
Penetration: 128 / 172 / 43
Rate of fire: 12.269 rounds per minute
Damage per minute: 1963
Reload time: 4.89 seconds
Accuracy: 0.403
Aiming time: 1.63 seconds
Depression: -5

Gun: 76 mm ZiS-3

Alpha Damage: 115/115 /165
Penetration: 85mm/106mm/38mm

Działo: 57 mm ZiS-2

Alpha damage: 85/85/95
Penetration: 112mm/189mm/29mm

Visual model

Armor model



13 thoughts on “Supertest: SU-76G FT

    1. There is another with a new superstructure, which looks like a real tank, not some training mock-up. However, I believe the caption says a brigade or something made one by themselves… I’m skeptical, but it’s hardly impossible.


  1. CHINA has plan that give Su76M a 85mm gun .The plan has not been implemented。
    I’m not sure that the shape is historical or unhistorical.


  2. In addition, level Four has more historical tank: LVT (A) -4 ZIS2 and LVT ZIS3. They were abandoned because they were amphibious vehicles.


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