Supertest: WZ-111 5A Initial Stats

Tier X Chinese Heavy. Possible „Hero” Tank or a campaign reward.

Initial Statistics:

Tier: HT-10
HP: 2200
Max speed: 50 / -15 km / h
Turret turning speed: 26 °/s
Hull turning speed: 36 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 140 / 120 / 60 mm
Turret armor : 300 / 180 / 60 mm

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 640
Penetration: 244 / 340 / 65 mm
Reload time: 9.9 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,39
Aiming time: 3,2 s


27 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-111 5A Initial Stats

    1. Why would they replace tank that originally replaced the tank that would now replace the replacement? :P

      But really, why would they replace 113 with less unique design? If anything it would be neat if this become alternative tier 10 Chinese heavy tank.

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    1. Dear Therealisnes, since I know nothing about this possibility, could you give some more details? Which tanks would be tier 8 and 9? I’m NOT sarcastic, I am honestly asking.


      1. Technically they would put in WZ-111 variant at tier 8, make that lead to tier 9 WZ and then that into this thing, then have 110 lead to 112 with middle mounted turret (112B or something) and then have 113 at tier 10. I dont remember exactly but i think someone proposed that yeaaars ago.


      2. Dear piromanrs, you can find all information related to the new minibranch on a blog which I’m not going to link here. You can find it easily if you search for this in Google: “WZ-111 Historical Info”. I remembered wrong and only a Tier 9 + 10 could be possible, no new Tier 8 tanks in that proposition.

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      3. If 113 and the other variant of 111 becomes t9 and t8 respectively. WG can put WZ-122-1/4/6 (take out the smoothbore and missiles) and it should be good enough for a mini branch


    1. Funnily enough, this tank actually got replaced by 113, so it would be really comical if 113 got replaced by its replacement.

      Yes, this was original the Chinese tier 10 heavy, but it got replaced by 113 as 113 had more unique design and was less OP than WZ-111 5A (much less, back then 113 was trash)


      1. I mean, it didnt never get into full game (only appearence was 8.2 test server). And god damn it for lack of editing ability.


  1. This tank use 130mm gun .Ridiculous, none of four WZ111 (WZ111, WZ111T, 111 1-4, this) in WOT has the historical gun (60-122).


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