Supertest: 60G FT

“Tank destroyer project based on the AT-T artillery tractor. This tractor was exported to many Warsaw Pact countries during its service and were copied by other nations as well. There were other projects based on the tractor including engineering machines and transporters. It was also planned to be used as an armored fighting vehicle however, no project went beyond the preliminary stages of their development.”

Tier: TD-5
Health points: 380
Engine power: 430 hp
Weight: 26 tons
Power-to-weight ratio: 16.54 hp/t
Speed: 45/-18 km/h
Hull rotation: 35
Terrain resistances: 1,055/1,342 /2,014
View range: 340 meters
Radio range: 600 meters

Hull armor: 25mm/20mm/?

Gun: 85 mm 62-85TG FT

Alpha damage: 180/180/300
Penetration: 145mm/220mm/43mm
Rate of fire: 11.806 rounds per minute
Damage per minute: 2125.1
Reload time: 5.082 seconds
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim time: 1.92 seconds
Depression: -8

Gun: 85 mm 56-85TG FT

Alpha damage: 160/160/280
Penetration: 128mm/172mm/43mm

Visual model

Armor model



8 thoughts on “Supertest: 60G FT

  1. China: “Guys, lets take the SU-85, which is already proven, and “Improve It” (Fuck it up) and call it our original design…”

    It’s basically an SU-85… T-34 chassis (Roadwheel setup), and 85mm… they just raised the superstructure, and made it rear placement…

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    1. The saddest part is not the Chinese who did it. Is the morons in Minsk SerB design bureau and KZ fake tanks Inc did this…..


      1. No.It was only mentioned in a sentence in the factory records, a light 85mm gun TD, chassis and gun are not mature, no further development.


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