New French Super Heavy Line Leaks are Fake

The new French super heavy line was fake as I suspected. leggasiini confirmed it himself in this Reddit post.

Too many things were too good to be true for me to fully believe it. You played us well, leggasiini!


31 thoughts on “New French Super Heavy Line Leaks are Fake

  1. “heaviesleggasiini
    The French superheavyline leak – its fake (self.WorldofTanks)

    submitted 33 minutes ago by Master of the Japanese heaviesleggasiini



        1. Would be awesome if we got the AMX 65T & friends as minibranch starting from AMX M4 45 while we also get full superheavy branch on top of that.

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    1. Dat TOG IV tho
      300 ton tank with a 183mm derp gun would have been hilarious.

      April fools game mode sort of hilarious.


    2. Well, it’s on official forums, where the most stupid and toxic players usually gather, so I guess he just wanted to see their reactions.
      I mean, I am not really active on official forums but most of my posts were trolling.


  2. my contacts confirmed this as fake too… i mean it was obvious wasnt it?
    anyway a french heavy branch is still in the plans (remember the amx 65t)


    1. In my defense, I did say that I was skeptical on the first post. The FCM F1 at tier 8 was also weird, but I assumed that WG would unrealistically buff it or there were proposals with larger guns and armor.

      Anyways, I know I should be a lot more cautious from now on.


  3. In a way it’s too bad though it’s arguable that this game needs another branch of super-heavy tanks like it needs a hole in the head.


    1. Agreed. Just think about that balancing nightmare. If their armor is strong enough to bounce gold ammo, they’re OP af. If it’s not, they’re useless af, since they’re gigantic and don’t have any other means to defend themselves (like mobility). Practically impossible to balance. Look at the Maus: people were crying it’s useless, now they’re crying it’s OP. And that one’s not even completely immune to gold.


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