WoWS – Armada : Duca D’Aosta


5 thoughts on “WoWS – Armada : Duca D’Aosta

  1. Great little ship.

    If you feel like putting 20€ in the game as a premium ship, it’d say this is a strong contender for best value for your 20€, along with the Leningrad.


        1. I only whine when Lesta screws me for my money. I never whined about ship classes being able to counter my ships in one way or another.


  2. ! Looking to give and get fun! I m a no married woman and not getting what I need;) Let’s have some fun »»»>»»»»»>»»»»>REBEKAH.TK Seаrсh niсknаme aninesa.


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