Wargaming: „You’re stupid to say betting is bad”

Head of global competitive gaming defends wagering as a natural part of sports, says World of Tanks could easily be popular 30 years from now

Source: gamesindustry.biz

Some developers clearly disapprove of people betting on their games. Others, not so much.

Speaking at a roundtable interview in Taipei today, Wargaming head of global competitive gaming Mohamed Fadl dismissed concerns about wagering in eSports, according to a GameSpot report.

“You’re stupid to say betting is bad,” Fadl said. “It’s a natural part of sports.”

Despite that, Fadl acknowledged that Wargaming would need to exercise caution in how it handles gambling around the company’s hit World of Tanks. But there’s plenty of demand for it, and he would entertain the possibility of World of Tanks players being able to bet virtual currency in their matches. Even if it never fully supports betting real-world currency within the game, Fadl is optimistic about the benefits of introducing wagering not just to World of Tanks, but to the larger games industry.

“I believe betting down the road will be one of the major incomes for eSports or streaming platforms,” Fadl said.

Beyond the betting question, Fadl was also bullish on the long-term health of World of Tanks, which debuted nearly seven years ago. He said it was an “easy” prediction to say the game would remain popular 10, 20, or even 30 years into the future because of frequent updates that will keep it abreast of whatever hits the market in the meantime.

“It competes with any game that is released this year, quality-wise, graphic-wise,” Fadl said. “Free-to-play games that are at this level, they never get old. Like a body, a heartbeat; every day, they pump fresh blood into the system.”


26 thoughts on “Wargaming: „You’re stupid to say betting is bad”

  1. of course betting is bad because among the thousands that will bet and make WG and the e-sports company rich, with some also reaching the teams leading to more teams to appear, there will be a few hundred that WILL get in touch with the team to FIX RESULTS, if even the “purest” of sports is plagued with such thing HOW do they expect something that is 80~90% directed to the online market (spectators, merchandise, etc..) expect to detect the FACELESS “RIGGERS”? (from bet rigging)
    even now with the reasonably elevated prize money from tournaments there are no guarantees of some of the matches being fixed in exchange of a possible prize split, this can happen since it allows a team to keep their strategies hidden, since they are certain to get the victory they can use that advantage in the final since they DID SEE how the other teams play in the different situations

    but indeed WG is stupid if they think betting is always a good thing


  2. Being bad or good is very relative thing and depend of your POV, so yes hitler (lower caps h) was a hero and IS a hero to many. I consider him to be the worst man in history, but it’s just my POV…


      1. Lol, there were NO economic reforms.

        He raised a bunch of credits, and basically bankrupted the country, while spending all that on making new weapons (and having his people work in factories to produce those weapons).

        There was no recovery, and if he didn`t started wars, Germany would either go bankrupt, and or completely renege on all it`s debts (which WOULD have repercussions).

        So, yeah…


        1. I don’t think so. Just the achivements the 30’s Germany and Italy had (like Autobahns/Autostrada system) and the fact that people had buying power again was enough to make the economy good again.


  3. Let`s lay off the relativizing stuff. Gambling is bad in general, and it is ESPECIALLY bad when it comes to games like this.

    I hope those greedy cunts from WG will never implement something like this, but knowing them, and their insatiable thirst for $$$ they would sell their mothers on the street (much less add gambling for their games).


        1. In Sebian language it could be something like: f*ck, wtf, common, f*ck it, why the f*ck. Bre is an intensifier with many different meanings, like yo, hey or hell. All in all, this is pure proof of my first statement, that I’m stupid, and the fact that I’m not able even to describe the word BRE :) :) :)

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  4. Clearly a Muslim name, odd that he would argue in favour of gambling. personally don’t see an issue with it. People likely already bet in unlicenced or online outlets. eSports should profit from it, like horse racing does (tote) and put some funds back into their prizes and funding of teams etc.


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