WoT Leak: Tier X French Heavy – SEAM 220 ton (Mostly Full Stats)

Edit: Completely Fake

Great news! Full stats for the SEAM 220 ton were datamined from Sandbox. Thanks goes to leggasiini for the discovery. Here is a LINK for the rest of the tech tree. Sadly, no screenshots available.

“In February 1940, Société d’Études et d’Application Mécanique (SEAM) proposed a super-heavy tank for the French army. The vehicle, with an estimated weight of 220 tons, was meant to be over twelve meters long. For easier transportation it was supposed to be disassembled in two parts. However, the project was cancelled in April 1940. The vehicle only existed in blueprints and no prototypes were produced.”

Tier: 10
HP: 3500
Engine Power: 1850 hp
Weight: 220.042 tons
Power-to-weight ratio: 8.41 hp/t
Max speed: 25/-10 km/h
View range: 400 meters
Radio range: 750 meters

Hull armor: 180mm/120mm/120mm
Turret armor: 200mm/200mm/200mm

Gun: Cannon de 164mm mle. 1893

Alpha damage: 900/900/1300
Penetration: 264mm/312mm/88mm
Rate of fire: 2.40
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim time: 2.5 seconds