WoT Leak: Tier X French Heavy – SEAM 220 ton (Mostly Full Stats)

Edit: Completely Fake

Great news! Full stats for the SEAM 220 ton were datamined from Sandbox. Thanks goes to leggasiini for the discovery. Here is a LINK for the rest of the tech tree. Sadly, no screenshots available.

“In February 1940, Société d’Études et d’Application Mécanique (SEAM) proposed a super-heavy tank for the French army. The vehicle, with an estimated weight of 220 tons, was meant to be over twelve meters long. For easier transportation it was supposed to be disassembled in two parts. However, the project was cancelled in April 1940. The vehicle only existed in blueprints and no prototypes were produced.”

Tier: 10
HP: 3500
Engine Power: 1850 hp
Weight: 220.042 tons
Power-to-weight ratio: 8.41 hp/t
Max speed: 25/-10 km/h
View range: 400 meters
Radio range: 750 meters

Hull armor: 180mm/120mm/120mm
Turret armor: 200mm/200mm/200mm

Gun: Cannon de 164mm mle. 1893

Alpha damage: 900/900/1300
Penetration: 264mm/312mm/88mm
Rate of fire: 2.40
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim time: 2.5 seconds


31 thoughts on “WoT Leak: Tier X French Heavy – SEAM 220 ton (Mostly Full Stats)

  1. I like how they destroyed arty to death because it dealt too much damages but they keep adding tanks that do more and more single-shot damages. This thing is a Type 5 heavy with an even better gun…

    And 0.36 accuracy ? With a gun tier X TDs would dream of ? Give them back their 850 alpha at that point, that’ll have the same effect as these new guns except it’ll make more sense for a TD to hit this hard than for a superheavy. And now even T92 on a direct hit can’t do as much :/


    1. While this thing has a lot of alpha, for a TD its gun handling and penetration are lackluster and its dpm is nothing special. Furthermore its mobility is atrocious and its armor is probably mediocre. With angled armor it would have pretty solid defenses but considering the time period and size of this tank it is likely pretty boxy. So what we have is an easy to hit and penetrate large slow vehicle with some high alpha to compensate. It doesn’t seem that overpowered to me. This thing will likely be far more vulnerable than the Type 5 Heavy.


      1. But with this gun handling and alpha this thing can severely punish anything exposing itself to shoot at it.

        On open maps it’s doomed, like any big tank anyway ; but as soon as there is any form of cover or range to make its armor work ; this thing can be way more dangerous than Type 5. As many have said this thing will mostly be a TOG at tier X. Except this is a TOG with the alpha of KV-2’s HE and similar reload,and enough pen and accuracy to go through it’s opponents. And enough life to take quite a few hits ; especialy now that arty is not a real threat for huge tanks anymore. In 9.17 you could still fear AP rounds ; but in 9.18 a 21cm HE shell will hit you for less than 500 dmg.


  2. I believe that those are ancient stats from way back, not something new. Don’t get hyped/angry about the stats, even if the tanks come they most likely won’t come out like this.


  3. i really badly want to see this things model i mean its HUGE i get that but i wanna see what it looks like if the fcm f1 is anything to go by then itll essentially be a tier 10 tog as in flat armor and can only tank with its hp but unlike the tog it doesnt need to sit exposed to do damage so could overall be more effective.


  4. Please, stop this superheavy-shit. Those fake Japanese tanks with those disgusting derpguns and the overbuffed Maus are more than enough.


  5. Well, I’m not a tomato. Statistically, it is more realistic that I’m a better player then you actually. But maybe that isn’t the case and it isn’t relevant either. And I didn’t bought an OPject 252, that tank is just disgusting, because of obvious reasons.

    Superheavies are just wrecking the gameplay in this corridor meta. Load gold or go home, because flanking not really works in 75% of the maps. And some tier 8’s can’t even pen the side or back of a Maus without gold. That’s really broken. Same goes for the OPject 252: a lot of tier 6’s even need gold to pen the 150~mm effective backside of that thing. That’s just wrong.

    To much of those tanks won’t make the game more fun to play, just like we have to much autoloaders right now.


    1. Chose a different corridor, call in the arty, go around, there’s always a solution to a big, slow moving target like those superheavies. Those actually have weaknesses. I have no problems with those big fat bricks and I can’t understand why a guy with better stats than me would complain about them. Maus is not op. Type 5 Heavy is slightly OP because of that premium ammo but if you use good strategy, those titans will fall.

      And there’s no fully upgraded tier 8 that can’t pen the side of Maus.
      Also, sorry for calling you a tomato but I had it with all those whining about things that are not actually broken (superheavies especially and arty) while pay-to-win or autoloading tanks (as you pointed out) don’t get any flak.


      1. Nevermind the name calling. I don’t have much trouble with superheavies myself, but the majority of the WoT population does struggle. On the other side it doesn’t punish bad players who play those tanks (and the OPject 252), so brainless playing almost gets rewarded. That’s not the way this game should be going.

        Every tier 8 can pen an unangled Maus at some point, but most tier 8’s have to loaf premium to pen the weakest part of a Maus. Same goes for tier 6 and the 252. That’s just wrong. Every heavy should have weakspots that are pennable by standard rounds on the lowest tiers they meet on the Battlefield. In that way, skilled plays gets promoted in both ways.


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