French Superheavy tank line confirmed?

Credit: leggasiini


Something very interesting I found out today:

I was bored this morning. I was surfing on NA forums, and ended up going into the main website. When i checked the media section, the tech trees pics were updated to contain T10 lights, only me to notice something weird on the french tech tree:


Better picture:


Obviously I was VERY confused. When I checked the page again about a half hour later, it was gone. For some reason they reverted EVERY updated tech tree image back to the ones they were before updates, kinda lazy way but they wanted to make sure that no other s@$t got left there, I guess. Now, looking at this, it looks like they accidently put in a picture that not only contains new LTs but also a full French superheavy line up to tier 10.

I was really, really unsure if this was true, even if it was on the official site. So I ended up contacting my friend, who also plays WoT and knows how to datamine things. I went in and visited him and I asked him to datamine SB and test servers. Nothing was found from the test, and there wasn’t anything weird on SB either, until we noticed something weird along the modules folder:


Those seem to be data for modules of tier 10 vehicles. Nothing else was found, the tank itself wasn’t in the game data, so those must be leftovers that were accidently left there.

So what it looks like is that WG is actually planning to introduce the French superheavy line at some point. Given that there is already data about tier 10 existing, I expect them to reveal some of them soon.