Meanwhile… World of Armored Warfare

For those who need context, update 0.20 brought in a “new” garage UI for AW. Whoever is currently developing AW ( I presume) basically copy-pasted WoT’s garage UI.


49 thoughts on “Meanwhile… World of Armored Warfare

    1. IMO, pretty much. Remember Obsidian devs were swapped because they didn’t focused enough on cloning WoT to the taste of

      Now is at et the commands, they are free to plagiate WoT at will.


      1. yeah if your a competetive an enjoy pvp i for one dont enjoy getting my ass handed to me by gold spamming tanks making my armor useless an arty outright deleting me from the game an unable to play high teirs thanks high ammo an repair costs making me lose 15k+ even on a win ill stick to my casual “pussiboi” pve XD


          1. yeah i rather have fun then rage at getting rekt 24/7 by gold spammers an arty totally fun when people make your armor useless or just delete you from the match


              1. tell me all mighty unicum that seems to know everything how do you git gud when apcr an heat rolfpen your upper plate an turret an when artys can lob shells over cover an hit your roof huh?


  1. Still AW pve is far far far better then WoT’s pvp LUL atleast i can actually progress as f2p intead of being forcing into prem tanks an prem time an crappy tier 6 tanks i dont have interest in just to play high teir tanks


    1. Only reason you can progress in PvE and not PvP is quite simple.. you are trash. Just not good enough to play against players but think your a boss when playing against bots. Gtfo son and wake up to the shit you are typing.


      1. no one cares it’s garbage go back to AW forums and swallow dick there. Stop bein’ a fuck boy, theres no us you’re only person enjoyn’ this cesspool of a game.

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  2. yea some people playn’ aw are probably you and your fag friends… look at your name it includes kappa… you’re a fuckin’ dead meme. Like i said before go back to AW forums where you belong.
    Besides i am a white male u can’t touch me…


    1. oh wow you surely got me….no way another white male can touch another white male shit man idk what to do with my life now…called a fag an everything too ima just go cry now lul please bitch your toxic ass is why i quit pvp games period


      1. hey man didn’t know you’re white too so i guess you’re from greatest country in world USA. Y’know white race superiority’n’stuff. Maybe we can cuddle together :). Im not gay i just love my country and my race.

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    1. Yeah because those idiots were trying to make it an RPG. They neglected PvP to the point that every single PvP player just stopped playing.

      To be honest though, the “new” devs are still on the same path,they’re more busy creating some retarded lore and factions than bringing PvP players back to the game.

      Why are we even talking about AW anyway, it’s DEAD.


      1. No, they had the sense to realize what didn’t: that nobody will be interested in a 2nd-rate WoT clone when they can just play WoT.


  3. You saw it coming when obsidian got fired out of the house and MAIL.RU took its place,RIP AW,you will be missed,welcome WOT 2.0.


    1. Honestly I hope that Wargaming just makes their own modern tanks spinoff of WoT and undercuts entirely. WOuld serve them right.


  4. Can’t say the new patch have impressed me so far. The ammo changes is kinda pointless. As now on some tanks HE does less damage then AP, and on most tanks AP and HEAT have the same pen and damage. And on the starship, the missiles have more pen and damage with the same reload suddenly, so why use HEAT on it? And HESH on the Chieftain MK 6 suddenly is rendered pointless, as the damage is now way less then AP. Tho don’t mind all the free tier 8 tanks I got as most of my tier 5/6 tanks moved up to it. But some of my tier 8’s moved to tier 4. Even more pointless. Tho the new T-55M1 “beta” tank at tier 4 is better then the old 155 at tier 3 that is now gone. I sold half my tanks as the reason I did grind most lines was to get the gear to use on other tanks. But that system is gone to.


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