WoWS: Hood Campaign Coming Soon

This got posted yesterday on the portal. Rumors say that a campaign for the Hood is the most possible outcome, according to the map.


20 thoughts on “WoWS: Hood Campaign Coming Soon

  1. according to actual “justfortop3%” grindfest for lowtier DD (which almost everyone capable of fulfilling conditions already has) … how hard you think can be conditions for t7 iconic ship ?


      1. ….win the battle, score over 2000 base xp, do not suffer any damaged modules, be the first to spot 5 enemy ships, and be among the top 3 performing players on your team.

        Too hard? Got a life? Well fuck you, no reward then!

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    1. They will give “Hood” upon login ?

      Clash of Elements (aka Clash of No Life Computer Junkies) is broken indeed, but Graf Spee was basicaly for everyone who wanted to get it.

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  2. So, I’m expecting this campaign to run for a month, where you have to do nearly impossible missions with tier 10 ships, all the while the sell HMS Hood on the store for 200 dollars :^)

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  3. Why Hood campaign? Full thick line is actually Bismarck’s path, so it may be Bismarck-oriented campaign, something like you can win 50% discount on Bismarck
    …And to further “celebrate” Bismarck’s destruction you can buy 100€ package with brand-new Hood. Limited offer!


    1. I think WG would be fairly hesitant to promote any aspect of “celebration” regarding the destruction of a ship considering the 1000s of lives lost regardless of the country they’re from. I hope you were being sarcastic.


  4. Yeah this doesn’t look like it has something to do with Hood specifically. Maybe it has to do with UK BBs in general (camos,captains etc).

    I doubt they would make an entire campaign with Hood as a final reward. After all, Hood went down at the start of the engagement. Maybe they’ll give some other ship (IF there will be a reward ship)? King George? Rodney…?


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