WoWS: Public Test 0.6.4 [Part 2] Patchnotes

Source: Portal

What to expect in Public Test 0.6.4?

Note: Part 2 of the Public Test will start on April 12 at 18:30 CEST (UTC +2)!

The Public Test will be running from 06 April at 15:00 CEST until 17 April at 15:00 CEST (UTC+2). Keep in mind that this is a testing environment, and unannounced maintenance and patch deployments can happen at any time during the Public Test phase.

French Cruisers

The French cruisers are at the final stage of testing, and are scheduled to be released in Update 0.6.4. The new branch will be represented by Émile Bertin, La Galissonnière, the heavy cruiser Algérie, and seven more warships. For more information about the upcoming ships, watch “Developers’ Diary”. Let’s take a look at what else we’ve prepared for you in Update 0.6.4.

Try out the Tier IX French Cruiser Saint-Louis

In order to try out Saint-Louis, you need to fulfill all the objectives in order:

1) One win on a Soviet ship to get 1x India Yankee Signal Flag on the Test server

2) One win on a German ship to get 1x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Signal Flag on the Test server

3) One win on a British ship to get 1x India Delta Signal Flag on the Test server

4) Two wins on an American ship to get 1x Hotel Yankee Signal Flag on the Test server

5) Two wins on a Japanese ship reward to get 1x Sierra Mike Signal Flag on the Test server

6) Play a battle


Saint-Louis on the Test server

Maps and Weather

Work on improving the appearance of the in-game maps is underway. In this Update, we have considerably reworked the maps Hotspot and Neighbors.

We have also fixed several bugs and made certain enhancements to the following maps: Ring, New Dawn, Trap, Islands of Ice, Islands, and Trident.

Weather effects will now appear on the Haven and Ring maps. On the Ring map, rain will be possible at the beginning of battle, while on the Haven map there will be a 10% probability of a cyclone.

With the approach of a cyclone, the spotting range will decrease gradually. The exact current spotting range will now be displayed on the screen. It will appear on the cyclone approach indicator.

A New Port

A new Premium Port, Dry Dock, will be available for you which will replace the current Premium port, Hawaii, which will be converted into a standard, non-Premium port. We designed it by referencing existing shipyards, such as the Norfolk Navy Yard of the early 1940s.

A distinctive feature of the new port is its dynamic lighting, which was created using dedicated technology. Another difference from other ports available in the game is the location of the ship’s spawn. Any selected ship will have three possible spawn points that will depend on the ship’s type and size.

The ability to adjust the quality of the dynamic lighting has been added to the client graphics settings (Available settings: Off, Low, and High).

User Interface Changes

In Update 0.6.4, we increased the space allocated for displaying player nicknames in the Tab-statistics window by approximately 6–7 characters, and in the post battle statistics by 4–5 characters. In addition, two new client window modes have been added: a window without a border and an unfolded window without a border.

A useful addition to the interface will be available for players looking for a suitable clan as well as for players that have already entered a clan. We added a context menu for the Clan tab and system messages related to clan activities. The menu may be opened in the Clans section by right-clicking on the name of a player or a clan. Sounds for the tab were also added: Port music and notifications when interacting with the interface were added—both for the clan player, when opening the clan tab in the Port, and for the non-clan tab when you go to the clans page from the account menu.

Ship Appearance Changes

We’ve improved the exterior of the following Tier X ships: Gearing, Des Moines, Montana, Midway, Zao, Yamato, Hakuryu, Shimakaze, Moskva, Hindenburg and Minotaur.

Other Changes

With the release of this Update, support of the operating systems Windows XP and Vista will be officially and finally discontinued. The game client will not launch on these operating systems. This decision is based on the fact that the operating systems have become outdated and are no longer supported by Microsoft. This will allow us to optimise the game client for a more convenient and faster operation on modern operating systems, and to integrate new graphics technologies in the future.

Your feedback is one of the most important conditions for improving the game. To further game enhancement, personal offers may now contain invitations to participate in a survey. We’d be happy if you could share your feedback with us.

There are more features to test and even more to enjoy in the upcoming Update!
Hop onto the Public Test server to go hands-on with the new stuff before it comes into the game later this month.

Earn Another Round of Rewards!

Get three signal flags of each type on your live account for playing one Random or Cooperative battle on the Public Test server.
Get ten Type “6” Camouflage patterns (+100% XP per battle) on the live server for winning ten battles in Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server with Tier VII+ ships.
Earn 8,000 base XP in Random or Cooperative battles on the Public Test server and get one day of Premium Account on the live server.

You will be able to claim your rewards on the dedicated website. Information regarding when you will be able to redeem them will be sent to your registered Test Account email address on the day of the release of the update or slightly after. Please note that only players with a Public Test account registered to the same e-mail as their live server account will be able to redeem their rewards.

What resources will you get on the Public Test server?

  • Tier VIII ships will be credited to all players at the start of the test, together with 15-skill-point commanders.
  • Research prices of Tier IX+ ships are significantly lowered, so that players can easily reach the top tiers in just a few battles.
  • Research prices for modules will be discounted.
  • Account Level 14 upon first login.
  • Premium Account for 14 days upon your first login.
  • 30,000 Doubloons.
  • 500,000,000 Credits.
  • Assorted signal flags for testing.
  • Ability reset for Commanders will be discounted: 1 Doubloon = 1 Skill Point

Please note that resources from the previous Public Tests have been wiped.