WoT Q&A – 8th April 2017

Answers by Anton “Evilly” Pankov on livejournal:

– Will the personal mission changes for SPG’s not come in 9.18? – They will, read more closely;
– Great work on community communication, posting a branch which will not be released on the server, 10/10. You did not happen to rethink about releasing the Chinese TD branch exclusively for Asia? – No, we did not;
– I don’t think it’s time to worry about HD models, since the game could be dead very soon [talking about 9.18]. – Nah, it won’t be;
– Anton, when will the Strv S1 be sold [on the RU server]? – Not soon;
– There is info about the assignment of gun marks on tanks being a bit off. During sessions with good performance, the gun mark % is not growing or growth is very small. – We’ll check that;
– I’m interested in the RBT-5, whose icon was floating around the internet for some time already [available here], are there actually plans regarding rocket armament? – The tank is modeled and lying in the internal archives. There is also a Hotchkiss with rockets;

Answers by Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin:

– The mean number of artillery pieces per battle ranges from 0 to 2;
– The new matchmaker does not take the team’s HP into account. You’d then also have to take into account the potential damage a tank can deal, and also the map;
– For the matchmaker, Karelia in Assault mode and Karelia in standard mode are two different maps. If you have modes enabled, you’ll have to be prepared for that. But, for example, Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient count as the same map;
– We’re currently actively working on maps to rework then into better quality and are currently not planning to introduce new maps into random. For game modes, in particular for “Front line”, there will be a huge map. You could say it’s 9 new maps, since the map is 3x3km;
– Besides the maps which were already shown, Murovanka and Prokhorovka are also almost ready;
– No plans to sell the E25;
– The maximum stun time in battle has the Maus with 27s, other tanks have less;