WoWS: [] Henri IV AP Penetration Curve Comparison

Source: godzilla5549

It was found in that Henri IV had a fix applied that corrected “a typo in the Krupp coefficient.”

Let’s just say that this “typo” caused quite a few issues with the AP. But not anymore.

The previous Krupp value on the 240mm APC OPfK Model 1939 shells was 2,282.

The new value is 2,882.

Mosvka is included for comparison.

As you can see, they nearly match, with Mosvka being better at longer ranges due to the drag and initial muzzle velocity.

I believe that the AP on Henri IV will be much better.

Added in Des Moines and Zao for comparison:

All Tier X Cruisers:

Red: Mosvka
Light Blue: Henri IV
Blue: Des Moines
Green: Zao
Magenta: Hindenburg
Brown: Minotaur