WoWS: Tier 7 Japanese premium CV Kaga stats

Big thanks to Urakaze for translating.

*Please note that the following stats are subject to changes before it is released*

-Kaga has quite the special aircraft distribution among squads with its 2 flight control modifications:
-The total amount of aircraft carried is 85;
-The aircraft are identical to Hiryuu’s by model, but have different unit markings;


The Type 94 mod.2A torpedoes carried by Kaga’s planes have 48 knots of speed, but only 3km range.

-The bombs carried by the DBs have less power and less chance of setting fire than normal IJN DB bombs.

Ship HP: 51000
Deck Armour: 21mm
Citadel Protection: 95mm – 152mm
Torpedo Protection: 22%
Max Speed: 28 knots
Rudder Shift Time: 13.17 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 1080 m
Surface Detectability: 12.6 km
Air Detectability: 13.62 km

Flight Control:
Mod.1 (Fighter/TB/DB) : 0-2-4
Aircraft distribution: 0-21-64
TB squad: 4 aircraft each
DB squad: 6 aircraft each

Mod.2 (Fighter/TB/DB): 3-5-0
Aircraft Distribution: 43-42-0
Fighter squad: 4 aircraft each
TB squad: 2 aircraft each

Fighter: A6M2 mod.21 (Tier VI)
Servicing time: 3.9 sec/plane
Speed: 162 knots
AA Damage: 44
Loadout: 60

TB: B5N2 (Tier VI)
Servicing time: 4.9 sec/plane
Speed(Loaded/Returning): 129/161 knots
Damage: 8567

DB: D3A1 (Tier VI)
Servicing time: 5.2 sec/plane
Speed(Loaded/Returning): 129/161 knots
Damage: 4600

Secondary Battery
200mm/50 3rd Year Type (10 x 1)
Range: 4.5 km
Reload: 15 seconds
AP Damage: 4500

127mm/40 Type 89(8 x 2)
Range: 4.5 km
Reload: 5 seconds
Damage: 2100
Chance of fire:8%

127mm/40 Type 89(8 x 2)
81 damage, 5km range

25mm/60 Type 96 (14 x 2)
70 damage, 3.1km range

(1st slot) Damage Control Party

The markings on the aircraft:
A6M2 Mod.21: AII-105 (Ace pilot Yoshio Shiga’s plane when he served on Kaga)
B5N2: AI-316 (Markings of a plane from Akagi, pilot of the plane is Mitsuo Fuchida, the man who led the 1st wave of Pearl Harbour attacks)
D3A1: AII-201 (One of the two DB pilots from Kaga who survived the war, the man went on and served in JMSDF)


14 thoughts on “WoWS: Tier 7 Japanese premium CV Kaga stats

  1. Oh boy, that strike setup. Imagine getting swarmed by twenty-four dive bombers in one go, that’s brutal.

    Still, these are the stock aircraft used by Hiryu, good thing that Kaga has a ton of spare planes because she’ll need them.

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  2. Thanks for the information. Regarding the trivia, what is the name of the Dive Bomber pilot that survived the war? His name was left out.


  3. side note : Fuchida also survived the war – he managed to survive sinking of Akagi during Midway battle, but was hurt badly and could not fly anymore. So he spend rest of the war as the Staff oficer – and that’s how he moved to Hiroshima at August 5, 1945. But next day Fuchida received a long-distance phone call from Navy Headquarters asking him to return to Tokyo. The day after the bombing, he returned to Hiroshima with a party sent to assess the damage. All members of Fuchida’s party later died of radiation poisoning, but Fuchida exhibited no symptoms.
    It was one very lucky guy :)

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  4. Strike Deck + Air Supremacy = 28 DBs and 8 TBs per sortie. Dear god. Granted they’re tier 6 and 250lb bombs with rather weak damage but still, damn. Would giving them the Evasive Maneuver help with keeping them alive I wonder, they would have some defensive gunner power.


  5. The Strike loadout isn’t bad, however the other build is nice as well, having 5 TB squads with 2 planes each isn’t bad, especially since you can throw torps in various angles that some tops will hit.
    In addition low amount of planes means low servicing time, really good for when you’re about to get overrun. I mean 4.9 sec base servicing time. after landing it takes merely 9.8 seconds for all TB to be ready to launch again. When the Carrier is close to the battle it’s gonna be nasty when you have 10 torp bomers flying towards you every 30 seconds. It’s gonna be a risky playstlye but when you can spam TBs every now and then it’s gonna be gud.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. true, 5 Tb squads will allow for nice cross torping tactics against nasty vessels & skilled captains
      but its a hell of a lot more micro managing, I doubt that many players will like that …
      we will see :)


      1. I happily accept the micromanagement if it means that i can get a handfull of unavoidable torpedo attacks off every time my TB attack. 2 TB squads with maybe 5 planes in each is all nice and well, but a skilled enemy can avoid maybe all but 1 miss. On the other hand the 5 squads with 2 planes each will be better since you can attack in multiple directions making avoiding hard so you’re more likely to hit at least 2 or 3


  6. Mr.Ibuki Shoichi will be one of the admiral of the Air Training Command of the Maritime Self Defense Force later.
    And Mitsuo Fuchida’s aircraft is AI-301.


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