New WoT Mod: Arty Aim Location

DISCLAIMER: The legality of the mod is still unknown (considering it’s WG, we will have to wait for a year or two).

A new mod has arrived a few days ago. Basically it made a sandbox feature available on the current patch. The mod will display the exact location where allied arty is aiming, which is quite useful. Ths might be a cheat, and I posted it here in the hope that WG gets aware of it or that they would include it in the game, hopefully.

Get it here:

24 thoughts on “New WoT Mod: Arty Aim Location

  1. I don’t think it’s a cheat. It just readily gives you information which you can get by other means, which I think falls into WG’s philosophy of modifying the interface to show already existing or obtainable information in a different way. Also, if it’s on Sandbox … obviously they approve of the idea.

    1. WG generally consider ‘cheats’ as getting information that is unattainable without mods from a mod. I think this will be a banned mod since its very useful and is not in the game

  2. sandbox gets changed all of the time. “Also, if it’s on Sandbox … obviously they approve of the idea.” is the dumbest thing ive heard. being on sandbox means they DONT approve, otherwise it would be LIVE. being on sandbox literally means they are NOT sure of it.

    1. They approve battle assistant and it’s not part of the game (yet). But it’s build in on the sandbox.

    2. So…them not being sure of it doesn’t mean anything then. So…they have no idea what to do. So…they will most likely do nothing. I highly doubt it’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard considering they said themselves that they put things on Sandbox that there is a purpose in testing in public, they have already scrapped the other variants they had. To me this means there is a high chance of the feature being implemented i.e they approve of it at least somewhat.

  3. Well, since it’s showing allied arty aim, not enemy I can’t see this beeing a cheat in any way. Also it’s on sandbox as part of the game so WG should be ok with it.

  4. The Modder shouldnt invest too much energy in a class, which is considered to be removed from the game… 😉

  5. One question burns my lips for a while.
    Even if the game client doesn’t receive data about invisible vehicles, artillery shells have visible tracers. Nobody ever tried to implement a mod that makes tracers blink where they start or predicts the landing area (just like that cheat in WoWS)?

    Not that I want one (I don’t), but I’m surprised a hatred class such as arty never got counter-cheatmods.

    1. It’s called red-ball and it exists for years already, and it is a cheat. It places a red ball where the tracer came from so you can blindfire and hit arty.

      1. It’s also something that should put in the game. I seem to remember it was easier to spot traces in the early stages of the game. Back before they turned them off for all tanks.

    2. Well it had that mod, try searching for RedBall, what it did it placed 3d red ball at start of arty trace, but only if you were already looking at that point (aiming nearby in arty top down, or just near it in normal tank). It was around quite long, but now its on the bannable offence mod list.

      I found about that 2-3 years ago when I was wondering how comes I get instant shoot after firing arty, and funny coincidence that stopped happening almost completly when WG revised their policy on cheat mods

  6. If it is only the allied arty, I think it is not only perfectly fine (not a cheat) but also a really nice thing.
    -You should be communicating with teammates, and in real life you would know by radio where your allies are watching, so that kinda makes sense. Also knowing how arties tend to forget to ever press the T key, this allows us to know what we should know if they were competent.
    -It helps knowing if you have any support at all on one flank or not. So you dont give up a position that you could in fact hold well because your arty was watching.
    -It’s only for allied arties, and I think there is a mod that shows on the minimap the direction where allied tanks are looking, and even where ennemiesnare looking too. And iirc this mod is legal. So what would be wrong here ?

    However if it allows to know where ennemies aim, then if course it is a cheat.

    1. Did quick test of the mod, it works as intended. Shows only allied arties aim point on minimap and in-game world. Standard config can be changed (its yellow block on default, managed to change into white circle on the ground, simmilar to smokescreen marker in WoWs) There also seems to be posibility to change minimap icon as well but no idea how

  7. Played one more battle with this mod and after all it’s not that good. First battle I was defending on karelia assult and it all worked.
    On second battle I realised that mod works only if allied arty/arties are in your render range. When you move and arties are no longer rendered mod stops working and aim markers are frozen in last place where artillery was aiming when you saw it.
    For me it makes it unrealiable and I will uninstall it, I prefer not to know then have markers that are cluttering UI and can’t even rely on them.

  8. Information that only allies can see and use.
    Why would this be a cheat?
    It is not an exploit that gives advantage over enemy. It increases teamwork. Put it in the client.

  9. with some adjustments i think the modder can make it show where the enemy arty is aiming as well

    1. Very unreliable however.
      Even with allied arties only the mod seems to have its limits : it does not get real info from the server, as it needs the arty to be within render range to display the thing correctly.
      Which means the only way it can work with ennemy arties is only when they are spotted and within your render range. And when this situation happens you do not need help from the mod, usualy when arty is spotted it’s a priority target and it dies fast.

    2. False. That information is provided by the player’s client to the game server, and in turn to allied clients within render range. To know the enemy arty’s aiming position, mod would have to hack server, or somehow trick server into thinking it was an allied client instead an enemy client.

      The only other option is for the mod to communicate with with a completely separate server, in real time, and pass all information it collects to the mod in other clients in the same game, in real time.

    1. Most likely climbing the hill. You dont drive backwards,even in arties, unless it’s the tier 7 british one.

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