WoWS: TAP Insider News (10-III-2017)

Changes to aircraft carriers:
-New carrier controls are implemented (set to off by default)
-Left mouse click won’t deselect the planes
-If nothing is in the frame, then the frame selected won’t reset
-Esc key will deselect planes (Both carrier and planes locked)
-Alt attacks can be done by both left mouse click and right mouse click
-If you have planes selected with the left mouse click, secondary guns priority can be selected by using the right mouse click.
-Right mouse click can cancel the autopilot
-Tier IV and V will have Alt attack removed
-Fighters can now Alt attack in order to disengage from dogfights
-Carrier planes will no longer return to the carrier if the carrier is sunk after carrying out their last given orders
-The carrier camera view will now show capture circles instead of buoys

This is not the major CV rework, it’s just the interface change to make it look like the starcraft control interface.

Also, say goodbye to invisible-firing. Now your firing penalty will be your main gun maximum range, no matter if if you maxed out your CE or if you are using range upgrades. If stealthfiring is removed, Lesta will reduce the penalty for the Kriegsmarine Destroyers.

No exceptions when removing stealth firing, even Premium ships or Soviet ones will be affected. Those are all the major things in 0.6.3, the rest are just bug fixes, changes of ship visuals. Now, we wait for French Cruisers (sorry for the bad joke from last time) and the Italian Premium ship.