WoWS: TAP Insider News (10-III-2017)

Changes to aircraft carriers:
-New carrier controls are implemented (set to off by default)
-Left mouse click won’t deselect the planes
-If nothing is in the frame, then the frame selected won’t reset
-Esc key will deselect planes (Both carrier and planes locked)
-Alt attacks can be done by both left mouse click and right mouse click
-If you have planes selected with the left mouse click, secondary guns priority can be selected by using the right mouse click.
-Right mouse click can cancel the autopilot
-Tier IV and V will have Alt attack removed
-Fighters can now Alt attack in order to disengage from dogfights
-Carrier planes will no longer return to the carrier if the carrier is sunk after carrying out their last given orders
-The carrier camera view will now show capture circles instead of buoys

This is not the major CV rework, it’s just the interface change to make it look like the starcraft control interface.

Also, say goodbye to invisible-firing. Now your firing penalty will be your main gun maximum range, no matter if if you maxed out your CE or if you are using range upgrades. If stealthfiring is removed, Lesta will reduce the penalty for the Kriegsmarine Destroyers.

No exceptions when removing stealth firing, even Premium ships or Soviet ones will be affected. Those are all the major things in 0.6.3, the rest are just bug fixes, changes of ship visuals. Now, we wait for French Cruisers (sorry for the bad joke from last time) and the Italian Premium ship.


37 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (10-III-2017)

  1. So the time to get back into stealth after firing is 20 seconds for *all* ships? You know, having a great CE should impact on how long it take to get back into stealth too XD


  2. I do not see the problem really. I never had any issues with CLs with or without invisifire, most of the time it won´t help you anyway (due to close dds), so it really just helps to remove the ridiculous Invisi HE spam in some situations that is literally without any counter. (And I am a Cruiser player btw., brit cls strength is not invisifire without smoke anyway and that wont change, it is mostly a nerf to soviet lights)


    1. Well lets be reasonable. It is a nerf to RN CLs… they use AP and rely on unangled ships. But taking away invisfire they are suffering a hard nerf with little to compensate.


  3. I can understand the absolute frustration when a Grem is stealth burning your New York to death, but at the same time, my Akizuki’s gonna be taking a rather big nerf with the stealth fire removal ;-;. While I don’t think it was the intent, would’t that make the ships that didn’t rely on concealment stronger by making ships that rely on them weaker, and my mind drifts to the VMF with the exception of Grem. I’m rather puzzled by this, I didn’t really think the stealth fire was that bad in the current state, and WG has been going on about the high pop of battleships in the game (around 40% last time I heard), so wouldn’t this increase the battleship pop?

    Overall I’ve got mixed feelings about this one again, in someways I can understand why, but I feel like just removing stealth fire all together without buffing the ships negatively affected by this seems like a good way to kill the DD and some cruiser pop from the game, which is not what the game needs. Any news on possible buffs to ships that get the stealth fire removal?


    1. According to the last news: no buff, as they want to watch the data first.

      Although huge stealth firing ranges aren’t a good thing (especially on ships with consequent firepower like the Belfast), its COMPLETE removal is completely retarded. Especially on the fragile DDs with their anemic raw firepower.

      Gunboats will be spotted whenever they want to participate to the battle and will have to hope the God of RNG is on their side while BBabies return fire. The cried loud enough and now one of their counters will disappear. All hail Lestards and the dumbing down of the gameplay..

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        1. Whoa! Watch out, we have a badass here! A migthy interweb warrior prompt to insult anyone who disagree with his Only Truth from the safety of his side of the screen.

          Please learn to behave like normal brained people or at least have the decency to go drown yourself, you fucking plague of Humanity.


  4. are they going to buff the ships that relied on invisi firing?

    or are they going to continue to buff BBabies and murder their game


  5. Perfectly fine with the removal of stealth firing, the less destroyers around the better – and be civil and don’t try to play the victim, if battleships are one extreme (defense and alpha at the expense of handling and mobility) destroyers are another (speed, mobility, tard-levels of alpha torpedoes, weed clouds at the expense of health and armor).

    Battleships becoming even more dominant though isn’t great for cruisers, which is a shame, I’d love to see the class become more competitive.


  6. So, will the IJN DDs now get reasonable firing ranges as compensation? And what will happen to the german DDs? Their specialty was AA and invisi-firing. Or supposed to be. Whatever the fuck you fucking wankers thought they were supposed to do. Fuck this shit, seriously. Some particular ships needed nerfs to their detectability, instead it`s a blanket nerf to everyone and everything. Fucking incompetent twats.


    1. yep its bad, it would be good if you would had standard default concealment penalty when firing, but ship that you are currently targeting would be able to detect you in max firing range, that would still give stealth fire if you don’t target enemy ship with in fact increase shoot dispersion and is bit harder to aim, but you have choice between more accurate fire but increased spotting range and less accurate stealth fire.


  7. Removing stealth fire is a kick in the nuts for US DDs, whose floaty shells have a hard time hitting anything at range, but have good windows of stealth fire. Stealth fire is basically how I do the bulk of my gun damage in the Sims, especially since its guns do anemic alpha damage and its torpedoes are among the worst in the game.

    Russian destroyers don’t really need stealth fire because they’re so ridiculously fast that they’re near impossible to hit. They can stay at range and pound any ship into submission with their flat, fast shells that set shit on fire fifteen times and do good alpha even on battleships.


    1. You know, I REALLY fucking hate people who say stuff this without playing the ships. Because people make up the most utter bullshit then justify it by saying “BUT SOVIET SHIPS OP” NO THEY ARE NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT, THEY ARE FUCKING HUGE, WITH MASSIVE TURNING CIRCLES AND BAD CAMO. Their guns do not cause “15 fires” my average is 2-3 fires a game with around 25k damage. And if thats OP the other DDs must be REALLY bad. Oh and yes isn’t it a shame that you get 100 damage less per gun, i’m sure it makes such a fucking massive difference. And have you considered that you can just sit in your smoke? I mean it is better than the other nations smoke after all.


      1. Except the overall statistics back me up. Khab has, by far, the best win rate and damage per game out of all the tier 10 DDs on the NA server.

        Udaloi is second place out of the tier 9s, but not by much.

        So….sounds like you’re just bad at using the Khab.


    2. on my Benson i used truly stealth fire only in two battles.., you are wasting a lot of DPM in fact is higher than Russian DD also you have similar alpha and penetration so how its lower…
      its good to have stealth fire in some cases but its add-on not everything… compared to Russian DD, US DD are pretty maneuverable.


  8. “Remove the penalty for KM DDs”. I don’t think this would change a lot for them given the solution of the removal of open water stealth firing. It’s a huge nerf to the very slow Akizuki(this ship needs an huge acceleration buff to compensate for this), and indirect buff for VMF DDs as they use speed to prevent getting hit rather than stealth.

    And then, let’s make a clear again, it’s open water stealth firing, not smoke firing. I do not think this would change how RL CL operate other than Belfast.


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