Graphical Rework of Mines (Hills)

This is the graphical rework of Mines, posted by the Wargaming NA Facebook page, which the map now seems to be renamed to “Hills”. The mine is replaced by a fort and the hills in the background are now substantially larger. This, in my opinion, adds to the immersion and removes the sad, vacuous abyss that plagues a significant amount of the edges of the current maps in the game. Comparing the two maps side-by-side shows a vast amount of graphical improvement such as the beautiful lighting, shadows, and textures. Lastly, this is the second rework of a map from the game (Abbey being the first), hopefully, we will see more as WG has said that they would rework most maps at once a while ago if I recall correctly.


5 thoughts on “Graphical Rework of Mines (Hills)

  1. There is one good consequence about WG removing many maos from the game :
    There are so few left (or so few we actualy see in game because MM) that even if they take time to rework maps it’ll be faster in the end than putting tanks to HD.

    That’s already 3 maps reworked, considering we see around 10 maps when playing, me may get them all in one patch, especialy since the assets used on maps are often the same, so the more maps they rework the less assets they have to re-do for the next one.

    Next one is either himmelsdorf or ruinberg because its played so often.

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  2. I’m a bot afraid of “HD rework with some changes”. Mines is a very good map, especially when there is no arty. It would be a shame if those changes screwed it.

    On the other side, the can erase Lakeville and restart from scratch. I hate those dumb corridors.

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