WoWS Q&A – 2nd March 2017

Thanks to yankee05, EU Forums

Wot magazine Issue 6, talking about WoWS future.

  1. In short,getting pan-asian branch,
  2. french crusiers and bbs,
  3. Second set of Ru DDs, smely, neustrashimy and project 56 destroyers will recieve the new weapon type (Mines?).
  4. BB population at 40%. Trying to nerf it via captain skill changes
  5. New high tiers won’t be nerfed yet (ie British) until population size is large enough
  6. EU, NA ,SEA showing better results than (population wise) better than ru.
  7. CVs getting starcraft controls, losing alt attack at lower tiers. Want to change CVs slowly/with extreme caution
  8. Stealth firing in the open being removed
  9. Working on clan features. Something similar to team battles. Global map may happen in future, but not this year
  10. PvE features are being worked on, something like raids
  11. And some other info.