T-34-85M Available on EU

  • VI T-34-85M;
  • Slot;
  • Gold: 1,450.

20 €

link: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/2961/


10 thoughts on “T-34-85M Available on EU

  1. no way. Gun handling the same, but reload Rudy has worse, armor worse, camo worse. Rudy has only a lil bit better accelaration and view range.


    1. >>bit better in mobility?

      The “M” has 34% worse mobility on hard grounds, 50% worse mobility on medium grounds and 27% worse mobility of soft grounds. Thats more than a “bit”.

      Next point is that the “M” don’t come with the 0-perk crew and isnt the best choice for crew training of all the russian medium tanks due to other crew layout. I would still recommend the Rudy.


      1. so you wanna say Rudy is 30proc. faster? that just a resistance. And in SH train better 5 crew members than 4, cause in future you can retrain for gold that radio member to other position.


  2. Honestly after the M-buff the Rudy only score higher in mobility and seriously lacks behind on both Damage and Armor. If I’d have to choose again I’d buy the T-34-85M over the Rudy… As a crew trainer ofcourse it’s either a bonus or a drawback to have that radio operator dragging along in the M-version


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