Other 9.17.1 Stat Changes (Lorr. 40t nerf/Chrysler K buff)

Thanks to Sams_Baneblade for emailing this to us.

Lorraine 40t:

Clip size reduced from 6 shells to 4.
Drum reload dropped to 34.52s (from 48 seconds)

Chrysler K:

9.17.1 model: http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/chrysler-k/model

Sides went from 76.2mm to 101.6 mm, which is good for sidescraping.

UFP went from 120.7mm to 133.4 mm.
LFP went from 125.4 mm to 184.2 mm.

The other stats seem unchanged.

PS: this tank has a secret weakspot when sidescraping. Shoot HE above the track and it will splash the horizontal 19mm armor above.


24 thoughts on “Other 9.17.1 Stat Changes (Lorr. 40t nerf/Chrysler K buff)

    1. Maybe they finally realised huge autoloaders are bad for the game. They are very inflexible due to atrocious reload times and nobody likes getting caught out and one-clipped.

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    2. I think they looked at the average amount of shots fired before reload and said, ok if on average only 4 shots are fired, than we can limit the shell amount in the clip.


  1. so… what’s up with all these premium tanks with no frontal weakspots? Poor tier VII can’t even pen this tank with gold ammo… and let’s not even talk about tier VI… like Tiger II has good armor but at least u can pen lower plate with AP of tier VIII or gold of lower tiers without problems… here u just angle and sit in the open and tier VI-VII cant pen u, tier VIII have to fire gold… like come on wtf is this

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    1. Why should a T6 pen a T8 heavy tank frontally? BTW with angling it has ~220mm effective protection all around, most T7 gold rounds are sufficient to pen that. Or you can also use your brain and flank it or shoot the cupola.

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  2. Chrysler has easier weakspot than the one mentioned. It has 38mm armour on the hull roof. You can auto pen it with any 120mm or bigger gun (115mm, technically). Or just splash the turret front with HE and the explosion should deal a considerable damage to the hull roof.

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    1. > It has 38mm armour on the hull roof. You can auto pen it with any 120mm or bigger gun

      Chrysler K is an absolutely gargantuan tank. The hull roof is level with the counterweight on a T34. Only anime heavies and artillery are high up enough to actually point the gun at it.


  3. Whats with this stupid trend that all premium HTs should inpennertable frontaly? All it does is forcing others to shoot gold ammo. I dont like this trend, buffing armor and removing weakspots. The only thing that should be done is remove gold ammo and give all tenks proper weakspots and strong spots that encourage aiming. Funny thing is most of these tenks are resistant towards Ap ammo of OTHER tier 8 HTs frontaly. How stupid is that?


  4. regarding lorr- 48s previous magazine reload for 6 shells, let’s say 8s for 1 shell. Now they did 34s reload for 4 shells, it’s 8.63s for one shell, so it should be 32s clip reload, or give shorter reload between shells, instead 2.5s to 2s.

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    1. Lorr previously (at T8) was just flatout better 50 100. I guess they wanted it to have it’s own niche and maybe not release premium that’s better than it’s regular counterpart…. Oh wait Skorpion, Patriot and 252 all disagree :D


  5. “PS: this tank has a secret weakspot when sidescraping. Shoot HE above the track and it will splash the horizontal 19mm armor above.”

    mmmmmm more food for my buffed type 5, even better when it has same 105mm as t32

    mmmm pls bring it WG


    1. I personnaly gave up on this one. It looked promising, but it seems to be left behind since the 112 buff.

      The 112 has:
      -berrer frontal armor (especially on UFP)
      -MUCH better turret armor
      -better mobility
      -better dispersion values and turret traverse
      -better view range
      -better gun depression
      -higher ammo count
      -PREFERENTIAL MM, increasing even further its overall armor effectiveness and the usefulness of its 250mm HEAT.

      The Kirovets has:
      -IS-3 BS side armor
      -much better penetration (and a tiny bit of DPM)
      -wonderful shell velocity
      -a bit lower terrain resistance
      -slightly better aim time and max accuracy
      -better gun elevation (who cares?)
      -+5 km/h reverse speed

      Also, the IS-3A gun handling killed me. It’s beyond everything I’ve seen.
      So I’d say: 112 wins. I’ll just spam HEAT to compensate the pen and stetped like mad. :)


    1. it seems to be lasting for a long time, and its expected to be lasting for much longer. as long as more than 200,000 people are playing this game, it remains profitable.


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