Other 9.17.1 Stat Changes (Lorr. 40t nerf/Chrysler K buff)

Thanks to Sams_Baneblade for emailing this to us.

Lorraine 40t:

Clip size reduced from 6 shells to 4.
Drum reload dropped to 34.52s (from 48 seconds)

Chrysler K:

9.17.1 model: http://beta.tanks.gg/v09171ct/tank/chrysler-k/model

Sides went from 76.2mm to 101.6 mm, which is good for sidescraping.

UFP went from 120.7mm to 133.4 mm.
LFP went from 125.4 mm to 184.2 mm.

The other stats seem unchanged.

PS: this tank has a secret weakspot when sidescraping. Shoot HE above the track and it will splash the horizontal 19mm armor above.