WoT – Object 252U Defender


22 thoughts on “WoT – Object 252U Defender

    1. I played with the Panther II only yesterday. Didn’t bounce ONCE on an OPject 252U or Defender. Just aim your shots well and you’ll be fine. But it does means that you have to expose yourself for to long to that 440 alpha gun. And you have a gun like the Panther II, with 223 pen or something like that. Or shoot gold, like WG wants you to.

      I don’t think the OPject 252 will be the favorite tank of skilled players. It’s just rewarding for tomato’s, because it’s more forgiving. I’m not gonna buy it, don’t like that playstyle.


  1. In training room, this tank could really take a beat.

    But the amount of BS, open/semi-open maps and the fact the playersbase skill lever was the same as on a X5 weekend gave me a wonderful 1100 avg dmg in 10 games.

    God I rarely got such retarded teams. In half of them, the heavies lemminged the wrong side of the map or bushkemped. I wish I could slap them.

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    1. Well, at a certain level of skill this game becomes very frustrating due to totally dumb players and so humans, because you really see whats going on. Over and over again you see examples why the humanity and the world is so badly fucked due to all the dumb humans. I have no other words for players what don’t understand anything in that game after 20k battles and responde with “I play for fun and give a shit on stats”. As this would be the answer for useless gameplay and turned off brains. Best way to avoid all that is to uninstall this game.

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      1. “I play for fun and give a shit on stats”

        Dayum! And here I was, thinking that World of Tanks is a GAME, meant to be played for FUN, not “srs bzns”.


        1. There we go …..

          Yes, it’s a game, but it’s not an excuse for dumbness. And that dumbness is shown again and again, there is no selfreflection about their actions and the results. So they do it over and over again. As like the brain is non existent.

          Btw. This is a multiplayer game. 29 others might be interessted in a good results and victories. When someone want to play for fun, but is too dumb for a multiplayer game and learn something he should play solo-games on his home-pc, but should not bother 29 more interessted players.

          Whatsoever, I just told “CR” that it is better to uninstall the game, since it will frustrate you as more as more skill you have.


    2. Yeah, I’ve had the same experience yesterday. Didn’t buy the OPject 252, but played the ‘new’ Panther II. I had a 35% winrate yesterday and couldn’t hardly do ~1200 dmg before my teams melted. I only had one game where I was top tier, the rest of the games were hardcore tier X matches. Matchmaker was totally confused, even more then it used to be. Lineups with 6 heavies against 1 in my team on Himmelsdorf. That kind of shit…

      And Bingo, I really agree with you. After playing 20k games, you should know how to play your tanks, how to play different classes and how to play on every map. There are so many players with 20k games that do 400-500 average damage in an IS3. I mean, come on! That’s not even two penetrating hits per game…

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      1. The problem was: my teams weren’t even full of reds.
        Lots of them were yellow-green, sometimes blue.

        But for whateverthefuck reason, they unplugged their brain and played like 46%ers (HT camping on Malinovkha, HT lemming in the north of Swamp,….


    1. Believe it or not, the day before yesterday I had a 100% winrate over a session of games for the first time. :-) It were only 12 battles, but still…

      Overall I have a 54%+ winrate and over the last 1000 games 57%+, so I’m fine. Yesterday (9.17.1 patchday) was just a bloody mess on EU.


  2. even my Panther I who usually has no pen problems and is a formidable Sniper has it’s issues penning this “Defender”. And you cant flank it cause it’s got russian hoovertracks. :-)


  3. Met 2 of them yesterday in my FV4202.
    It was a city map. They were platooned.
    Tried shooting at lower plate= no go. They kept angling and wiggling, so no way to reliably land a shot.
    Tried shooting at the cupolas= no go. They are too damn small, and again, if the player playing it knows what he is doing, it is EXTREMELY hard to land that shot.

    Verdict: When in hands of a good player= OP as fuck.

    It`s not even funny. I don`t buy for ONE SECOND the stories about how you are reliably penetrating this.

    I mean, yeah, ok, IF you get the right map, and IF your team is good, then yeah, you can flank it, or perhaps try and hit that lower plate from a concealed position. Also, the guy driving it needs to be bad-ish.

    I personally made my decision: from now on, I will ONLY play artillery in tiers 6 to 9. And perhaps some nice derp tanks.

    But this thing completely killed my will to grind anything in the game, since after this all tier 8 CW etc, will be just about who has more Obj 252.

    Then they will introduce similarly “balanced” tier 6s. And eventually tier 10s as well…

    Esentially, the game is at it`s death throw now. And the only reasonable thing any of us can do is to either quit, or just have fun where fun can still be had (lower tiers, splashing scumbag wallet warriors with arty etc.)


    1. “I personally made my decision: from now on, I will ONLY play artillery in tiers 6 to 9.”

      Then you are a bigger problem for this game then the OPject 252…

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  4. No, If you cant pen it with regular AP, then you can might as well damage it with HE, but since it has 350mm effective frontal armos and spaced armor it takes 1/3 of the damage from arty compared to e.g. tiger II and vk45a….


  5. We all have bad days in this game. We all make mistakes sometimes. Not all players use gold, mods or premium accounts.


  6. The secret for defeating this tank is not being close and not showing your weak-spots or making it bit complicated to shoot them plus shooting for obj weak-spots. The accuracy of object will do the rest for you. This tank is made for aggressive play, not for sniping. IS-3 can snipe, but not this one.


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