WoT Console – Fatherland IS-3A


14 thoughts on “WoT Console – Fatherland IS-3A

  1. You can tell all the crap you want to WG for selling skinned versions of already existing tanks/premium tanks like this or the black friday tanks but I would rather encourage them to release reskinned tanks than releasing OP piece of shits like the Obj 252U because someone have no idea how to balance tanks and want to milk the game till it dies.


    1. Also the Object 252U is easily beat by anything that is higher tier or for that matter even equal tier opposition have higher DPM which it is defeated by…


      1. didn’t understood what you wanted to say. Or just nazi germany was only guilty and were doing WW2 crimes? Are you russian with washed brains about great soviet union, which was just suffered country who rescued all europe from nazis?


        1. I’m actually not. Maybe I’m jewish and don’t want to end up in the oven because some POS like you tries to fuck with history turning everything upside down?? You know it was the soviet’s who started WW2 and all that…everything that’s written in your stupid romanian/estonian/polish history book.


      2. Not really the opposite now, opposite ideologies in the groundwork maybe, but stalin also believed in the masterrace agenda, which is why he purged alot of jews and slavs and forced his “liberated” “allies” to learn russian as their primary language.

        It must have sucked to live in eastern europe during that period, first you get annexed by the soviet union, then “liberated” by the nazis, just to get annexed by the soviets again. Both who conducted the most atrocious of warcrimes and both equally as bad.

        “A significant percentage of this death toll, however, occurred when evacuation columns encountered units of the Red Army. Civilians were run over by tanks, shot, or otherwise murdered. Women and young girls were raped and left to die. In addition, fighter bombers of the Soviet air force flew bombing and strafing missions targeting columns of refugees.”


        1. you do realise that the German Hakenkreuz is one of the most offensive things someone can use right… the Soviet Hammer and Sickle to Muricans are offensive but basically not hated by everyone like the Hakenkreuz, the Swastika is of Hindu faith meaning peace and prosperity unlike the Hakenkreuz which means power and agression.


          1. well, what the hammer and sickle stands for in russian terms in really offensive. The soviet union was conquering massmurdering shitheads during that period. Just look for their ridiculous claims on eastern europe and Finland. No good guys there and should be remembered as being just as bad as the nazis, because they were.


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