WoT – Update 9.17.1 review


13 thoughts on “WoT – Update 9.17.1 review

  1. For all the good small rebalancing tweaks tanks got, props, it was needed.

    As for the rest they are introducing: long live powercreep!


      1. atleast they can somehow angle and now has guns that can do actual damage (unlike their current potato launchers that doesnt pen or hit anything).


      2. Yeah, it’s cause and effect where really :(

        WG not addressing the cause: 300+ pen premium HEAT & APCR…go figure.
        When they address that, the whining about armor irrelevance will largely go away and the need to overbuff armor like they are doing for 9.17.1 is no longer needed.


  2. Did any of you even try out the test server ?!
    Type 5 is so OP that even gold spamming can’t pen it anymore and then it hits you back for 1400 dmg.
    They overbuffed both tanks and all they needed was buff to the cheeks, turret and better gun handling.


    1. And the Maus with its 250mm of ANGLED UPPER PLATE is not OP? with its new perfect gun handling and very serviceable gold rounds? These tanks were utterly pathetic. Even when you armour worked it was near impossible to do anything in return, multiple 0 damage dealt, several thousand blocked by armour prove that even when the armour works you cant do anything. And I don’t see you crying about the O-Ho being broken despite the fact that it has HIGHER DPM with its 15cm than the Type 4 and potentially 5 have with theirs.


      1. I played the test server and it was OP af.

        You are complaining about the shitty Maus which only gets a few gun buffs and a slight buff to the turret front (260mm – andwhen you expose your weak gun mantle side) to make is somewhat competitive again.
        I don’t know if we are maybe playing different games but in the game i play Maus is considered garbage because of how crappy it’s armor and gun are. This tank needed a slight buff and it finaly got it.

        Now go to tanks.gg and compare them because i won’t go into details.

        Also go watch any buffed Type 5 review on the YT and you will see that every single one of them says that this buffed version is OP and P2W.

        You get 0.46 (with vents and bia) accuracy on the new Type 5 gun and all you have to do is hit near the enemy vehicle -> easy 500 dmg.
        Oh and fuck you if you have no armor because per ammo will hit you for up to 1750 dmg.


    1. You are entitled to your opinion of course, i’ll just remember exactly how op my gun is as my extreme inaccuracy sends shots sailing happily into tracks and spaced armour, or indeed missing the target all together. And again, this gun with the new stats is statistically worse than using the 15cm on the O-Ho, and if that gun is not “op” at tier VIII I fail to see how this one will be.


    1. Well considering they nerfed the damage on the shells to 1000 with standard (only 90 more per shot than O-Ho) and not everyone can afford to be flinging around 7000 credit premium rounds. I don’t see 5 seconds of reload being a fair trade for 90 more damage.


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