Quickybaby: World of Tanks || Object 252 – Tank Preview


19 thoughts on “Quickybaby: World of Tanks || Object 252 – Tank Preview

  1. You would do the community more of a service with putting SirFoch’s review of this tank up!

    QB concluded this tank is not OP, which is bloody well is with that armour.

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      1. Except it will have same DPM as IS-3, which isn’t that bad to begin with, with a lot more alpha, meaning less exposure time, making it even more OP instead. Accuracy wise it’s very decent, considering how hard it hits, and compared to other tanks with such alpha potential. Out of these other high alpha heavy tanks on tier 8: IS-3, IS-3A, IS-5, IS-6, T34, WZ-111, the 252 is on third place, but hits the hardest. So “bad gun” isn’t even a REAL argument here.


  2. I saw QB’s stream where he played this tank. To be honest, he completely sucked in it, game after game. A combination of unreliable armor, troll gun handling, bad DPM, poor teams. Watching his stream would have put the tank well below the OP line.

    Thanks like the Patriot on the other hand. Now that’s an OP vehicle. And even QB was complaining yesterday that he was disappointed after a talk with a WG employee, where the unnamed employee was assuring QB that the Patriot is not OP.

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  3. He says it is not OP because it is bad in tiex X battles. Seriously? Which tier VIII tank can sit in front of tiex X like he tried to? That “weak” lower plate has fucking 220 mm effective armor, whole front of IS-3 is around 190 mm effective and yet some ppl say it is OP. What is this thing then? Tiex X tanks with gold ammo can go fuck themselves if it hides its lower plate unless they hit its tiny cupolas. I’m not even talking about equal and lower tier tanks.


    1. He didn’t say the reason for this tank sucking at tier 10, doesn’t make it OP. He said it is not OP because compared to the standard IS-3 is lacks in every other aspect other than alpha and armour. Also this tank SUCKS at mid to long range, it really does, not to mention the god awful view range. Along with the fact that it does not get pref mm, and other prems are way more flexible than this tank I.e lowe, means that this tank is not OP.


  4. Gotta agree with comments. Also the potential buff to rate of fire is BS, but I can see fixing overmatch on side. This is a really OP tank and should not have tier 9 armor with 2000 DPM. There is no way an IS3 or Patriot or IS6 could beat this tank 1 on 1 with a competent player.


  5. Why is his review posted here anyway? Official contributor on WG payroll so wouldn’t expect a fair review. And that Napoleon complex of his makes it really hard to watch his videos for more than a minute.


      1. QB has no personal views about the new content any more. He basically informs about it’s arrival, a thing we are well aware of, sometimes even months before it happens, and he is trying to sell it on behalf of the WG. That is basically it. Posting his “reviews” is like quoting sales catalogue.


          1. Hmm. Perhaps the best approach for a next review video post would be to wait for at least few youtubers to make theirs and post all of them in one news?


              1. Why would you call it a spam if they all were in a single newspost? Even better, if you put them in “spoiler” tabs, if you can do it over here, it would not even load on the front page (so it would not slow it down) unless someone actually opens these tabs. But that’s just a wild idea, of course, and I’m perfectly fine with it, if it happens not to be considered a good one.


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