SirFoch Object 252 Review



35 thoughts on “SirFoch Object 252 Review

  1. He is right. Why the fuck does a premium tier 8 HT need 330mm effective upper plate and 210-230 effective lower plate? Even if it would have 210-230mm effecvtive upper plate it would be unbalanced because the armor would wxceed that of is3. And the tenk is not even that unmobile. Sure the dpm is “low” but it hits for 440 alpha and has 225mm pen. It is funny how is3 is not even seen as unbalanced anymorw with all these new prems comming out. Tier 8 is a mess and this fucking shit will make tier 8 even more unbalanced. I dont like the trend that some tier 8 HTs cant pen other tier 8 HTs frontaly withoput prem ammo.

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    1. Makes you wonder if the politically-correct QB is on WGs payroll……I remember QB a few months ago making a review about E5,asking if its OP or not,concluding that E5 isnt OP or broken simply because it has those weakspots lower left-right….Foch burried him a few weeks after that when he made fun of him (allthough never mentioning QB and his conclusion about E5),how E5 isnt broken “because you can shoot these 3 pixels left and 3 pixels right” with his funny voice….:p


      1. @Hooli_Gun Would love to see that video of his, where he mimics QB… However – I am probably blind – I can’t find any E5 video on Fochs channel… Was it a stream, and, fingers crossed, do You remember which one?


          1. There are 2 types of people playing this game – those who know how to open and those who don’t
            If i can remember this and i’m have to trouble penetrating it with t8 tanks then i others should be able to do the same.

            Foch was really dumb here and he obviously never checked E5’s armor layout.

            People just make your life easier and go visit every now and then.


            1. And there are people like you,who want to impress others by saying:”you are all fools,im smarter and because of that i can pen E5,easy”…….Dude,even Wg acknowledged E5 is broken,whole community was asking for a nerf,and you tell us we were ignorant noobs all that time,not knowing where to shoot an E5?……..


              1. When did i say it’s not broken ? i’m just saying it’s easy to pen when you can see the lower plate.
                But why is it OK for E5 to have LOL pen tumor on it’s turret when the gun is making it OP ?

                IS-7 doesn’t have LOL pen turret, IS-4 has only a tiny strip on it’s turret, E100 has 300mm effective armor and a tiny strip of weak armor on top, Type 4 and 5 don’t have weak spots at all (cupolas have over 260 eff).
                But what do all those tanks share ?
                It’s the bad gun handling and poor accuracy.

                E5 should remain as it was (armor wise) and get that gun seriously nerfed.
                If you really think that E5 should be balanced around one dumb tumor on top of that turret then i really don’t know wth is going on around here. E5 can have either decent armor or completely useless armor because of that cupola.
                We all know how this tank used to be and despite that you still want that cupola nerfed instead of nerfing the real problematic part of this tank.

                And maybe it’s time for you to finaly learn how to pet E5’s lower plate because i’m penetrating it with Caernarvon’s standard ammo.
                Always aim to the left or to the right, never in the middle and you will pen it almost every time.

                Also how the hell do you make up that BS in your head ”you are all fools,im smarter and because of that i can pen E5,easy”. I never implied that, i said those who still can’t pen it probably never took time to open because then all of you would realize that there are a few pixels of strong armor and the rest is garbage… and you were always aiming at that tiny triangle and bounced it.

                You don’t have to be smart to open and you don’t have to be smarter than anyone else to pen E5’s LFP.


                1. Ok,one more time for you,just a friendly advice from a 2600 recent WN8 playee (not saying im the best,just saying i know what im talking about):E5 was OP as f*ck,cuz it had gun handling and insane armor,like impossible-to-pen-turret,with a weakspot that was 1 pixel of 250+ effective armor.Now if you actually SEE the damn review of Foch,you’ll notice that he shoots exactlly those 3 pixels at the lower right of the LFP,and still bounces,or misses them completely(cuz you know……3pixels…..),all that with a 260 pen gun.
                  I have bounced E5s LFP noumerous times (cuz you know……RNG),and i think we all have experienced E5 drivers going in the open and bouncing all sorts of guns at their LFP,but then again it might be our bad aimi g or not knowing that we should shoot lower-left-right corners…………..hmmmmmmmmmmm,yeah we should reroll and start this game all over again because we cant find and open………….


                  1. Look again and you will see where Fock was shooting – the front wheel (300 effective)
                    I even prepared “weak zones” picture to proove my point.
                    Fock was trying to perma detrack E5 and obviously bounced because he didn’t know that this tank has that part bent inward where those 128mm of armor become 300mm effective… so that’s the biggest problem when people try to detrack + damage E5.
                    If Foch shot anywhere on that lower plate he would have penetrated all those shots.

                    Also I don’t understand how do i manage to penetrate E5’s lower plate almost every single time and others still claim that it’s OP.
                    Just try doing like i said – never aim at the middle… always to the left or to the right.

                    But again i don’t understand why should E5 have a huge weak spon on top of it’s turret.
                    No other HT has such a huge weak spot on top of it’s turret (except for M4 49).
                    All other HT’s with tumors have really strong armor there.

                    Also look at the new Maus, Type 4, Type 5…

                    I just don’t like they way they are trying to balance this tank because at longer distances it will still remain OP as fuck.
                    They whould let E5 be a well armored HT but with much worse accuracy and aiming time.
                    Just compare E5 to IS-4 and you will see how broke E5’s gun is.
                    200 better DPM
                    almost 1 s better aiming time
                    0.7 better dispersion when on the move/ turret rotation
                    0.2 better accuracy

                    This tank is completely OP because of this stupid gun.
                    If E5 had 0.38 dispersion, 3s aiming time and 2300 DPM then everybody would have enough time to aim at those weak spots and E5 wouldn’t be able to hit your weak spots every single time.


  2. Actually, Foch is completely right. The more people that buy this tank, the faster WoT will be run into the ground.

    If premium tanks become better than regular tanks (which they have), why would you *EVER* play regular tanks?

    You can already see it in Skirmishes, nothing but Patriots, Libertes, Skorpions and M41 90GF’s.

    If you are smart, you will not buy these tanks but I know full well there are too many brainless idiots who will that don’t think the full extent of the effects of their choices through, Oh well…..

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    1. Actually though I’d still buy this tank because i need a soviet Prem HT to train my crew and also make money (IS-6 isn’t a viable choice anymore :(, and IS-5 is Clanwar reward, and IS-3A is retarded with 3 crew layout ). And of course i don’t need to buy another one anymore


  3. QB is a joke. This tenk is not balanced, it has armor, speed, alpha, pen and gun handling. The gun handling is not that bad considering the big alpha. This is the only tenk that has the lower plate immune to other guns with 220mm pen what a joke. What will tenks like vk45a, t32 and tiger II do towards this shit??

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    1. He irritates me more than often, making sentences longer than need to be and going into absolutely everything, much too gabby. The ideal son-in-law. He just doesn’t come over genuine anymore, there were clips of him raging about idiots and red players who annoyed him but no sign of that now.


  4. Whiny bastards, at the end of the day you’ll still keep playing. The commenting playerbase of WOT is now like the rest of the internet, just latching onto any excuse to complain, complain, complain.

    Now, is this tank good? Sure, it’s the same soviet heavy with no accuracy and a ton of armor. But it’s got glaring frontal weak spots. That makes it OP to bads and STILL inferior to IS-3 to good players. Bad players run patriot, liberte, and Skorpion in SH and get promptly destroyed.

    Also note the playstyle of these youtubers: Foch thinks 252U is OP and Skorpion “tricky to play,” QB thinks 252U is good but manageable. One likes high alpha and to go in, the other prefers fast-firing pewpew and gun-depression.

    Conclusion: This tank will be for bads to dominate bads, it will get shut down by goods. FFS you are not even forced to fire gold at it to pen, compare with some of the stupid Japanese heavies with no frontal weakspot. As soon as people learn the hatches (which are huge) it’ll be just like liberte – inferior to the Patriot.


    1. Skorpion isnt OP, its just an Rhm borsig that trades camo/dpm for mobility. Thats all. People call it OP because it has big alpha (which is actualy the same as all other german TDs of this tier) and is accurate (in case accuracy was a working stat. RNG makes KV-2 and Grille15 the same if it wants…). In the end its just a tier 8 hellcat / a charioteer alternative / a fast borsig, except with absolutely no camo, and the accuracy isnt flawless and laser like people make it sound : if you sneeze the aiming circle grows again, and you could miss a Maus on malinovka when this thing isnt fully aimed.

      252U however IS overpowered. Tier X heavy tank armor at tier 8, with tier 9 alpha too. Accuracy isnt even too bad. And dpm may be bad but it wont matter because the tank survives longer anyway. Remember tier 6s will have to face it, and this thing has no weakpoint. LFP is really well angled and armored, 200mm+ effective armor isnt weak… They basicaly give a tier 10 to players willing to pay, except its at tier 8 and only has the dpm to make up for that.

      Also QB is licking WG’s butt. If we listen to him the game has no flaws and nothing is broken except arty (but I suspect its just to keep enough people interested in his opinion). Everytime there is something obviously wrong he tries to either avoid it or defend WG in some way ; I dont think he ever directly criticized WG saying they failed to do something properly, at worse he says it “maybe isnt the best”, when the thing is actualy “obviously wrong and a clear mistake from WG”.
      The guy is a good player, however he is a terrible reviewer. Maybe he just tries to be as objective as possible but at some point you gotta call things what they are, if saying “this is bad” is so hard for him maybe he should just stick to playing and stop reviewing anything.

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    2. Agree totally. I run mainly prems coz if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have any credits coz I am absurdly average at best. If you are a good player its irrelevant. If not pay up and remember…people like me pay for the game. If your good enough not to have to well good on you…the rest of us plebs have to fund our fun


  5. It doesnt matter how good you are “against” the obj 252, in tenks like 110, t32 and vk45a and o-ho with 105mm gun, you cant do shit because you cant pen it anyway frontaly except the small cupolas. While the obj 252 can pretty much autopen the whole front of these tanks due to 225mm AP which is the same as the whole frontal effective thickness of these tenks UPPER plate…

    Even angled, the lower plate and upper plate exceeds the pen of tenks loke tiger II and kv4 and caernarvon so they nedd to shoot gold to pen it frontaly, while obj 252 can just blast thru these tanks with ease.

    This is the second tier 8 prem HT than most other HTs need to use gold to pen and that is stupid as fuck since tier 8 HTs never had so good armor, they could all get penned frontalyt by same tier MTs with regular AP. But not only that, not even gold can pen the upper plate or turret of the obj 252, so it is immune to gold ammo because lower plate is the only thing that can ever be penned with gold or without.

    ofc obj 252 is managable, if the player is a totall joke or if you spam gold on the lower plate. But it the player is not half retarded all he needs to do is angle a bit to bounce all tier 8 HTs using AP. If angling slightly he will even bouce apcr from tenks like vk45a and t32. Not all tenks have 260-270mm apcr pen on tier 8 and not all tenks are is3 shooting apcr. Is3 is unbalanced but these new premiums are even more unbalanced than is3 and that says alot! Is3 is regular tenk ffs!



    Tank on sale on RU ; probably gonna be sold this weekend or even right today on other servers (once 9.17 is here).

    Tank alone : $45
    With equipement and bonus stuff : $65
    With bonus stuff and 13k gold : $100

    Basicaly the usual. The tank is supposed to cost as much as T-34-3 for its gold price tho so be sure not to pay more than you’re supposed to for the tank alone (idk the usual USD prices).


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