Total War : ARENA – Developer Diaries #1


10 thoughts on “Total War : ARENA – Developer Diaries #1

  1. I wish that there would be a Total War game (single player) with WW2 tanks and witch Company of Heroes graphics.

    And i didn’t know that TWA was offline for a year ….


      1. Considering they forced even me, a 15 year veteran of the Total War series starting with Shogun TW, to stop buying their products because of the insane DLC policy, no.

        I think they should be ridiculed before release, and it’s up to them to change our minds.


        1. Dunno, cause haven’t played TW. Warhammer, but I guess it is pretty ok title, actually many love it and there aren’t such issues. Anyway the biggest issue was the Rome II release state which was awful, even for this its DLC with a couple exceptions they were ok. With Arena there is not such an issue with day1 release.. If they follow a policy of pay to progress and not pay to win, it will be okey. But dunno again, how much they changed their game since the previous year. Back then they had only pay to progress and for visual appearance. But they got help from Wargaming with this, and lately I don’t like the direction of Wargaming. How they approach the premium ammo and the above average premium tanks they release lately… The issue is not with the Creative Assembly but Wargaming… I had played the game and liked it! If it gets in beta I suggest you to try it !


          1. I highly disagree that there aren’t such issues with WH TW.

            Nation DLCs are 20€ a pop, a game with a very low amount of maps selling general DLCs at 8€ a pop, blood DLC at 2€, because they’re monetizing an option…
            Back in September, the game with only the content in the base game, no DLC added, the game cost 60€, with features part of the core game you had to UNLOCK, making the game actually cost over 70€ if you wanted a game that looked like an actual AAA release rather than an early access game.

            If you dared to add a 5th faction (not asking for much in a AAA game), 100€

            As of today, an AAA game with 6 factions costs 120€

            And Attila TW was even worse.

            The best indicator is to look at Steam reviews.
            Shogun 2 : very positive accross the board
            Rome 2 (after a tough) release : mostly positive across the board

            Attila? Mixed
            Warhammer? Mixed

            That’s a catastrophic dive within the past 4 years.

            So until they prove to me that they’re not just a DLC developper, I’m taking my 15 year veterancy and brand loyalty elsewhere.


            1. well yeah but the DLC policies are from the publisher, not the developer. You should blame SEGA for this…

              btw the Attila has mostly positive reviews, from the 11k reviews 8k are positive and 3k the negatives. Although I have only 100 hours on that title, I would say that even its DLCs where not only factions but whole new campaigns and mechanics.


  2. i love the fact that they will reward the old testers and that we will grand access again ! xD

    i wish i had played so many battles in order to be able to test the game already .. :]


    1. They aren’t picking the old testers, it seems to be random. There are testers with 3000 battles who are not yet in the new alpha, yet I am with only 250-ish battles. Unless they are doing it by join date, in which case I joined in the original alpha and so got in right at the start.

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