LTG, Soviet Tier VII Light Tank Pictures


45 thoughts on “LTG, Soviet Tier VII Light Tank Pictures

    1. it looks “interesting”, does not look like much of a light tank as much as it does look like any other GMC concept like american TDs


  1. Is… is that an Obj. 704 superstructure?
    What the actual fuck? From which retarded WG employee’s ass did they pull this ugly sonovabitch out?

    Holy shit, so there IS worse…


    1. It’s smaller than it looks. If this is the Gavalov tank (and it looks like it) it’ll be as small as the amx elc


  2. it actually looks kinda cool im more intrigued by the gun that looks bigger than an 85 to me or the tank is much smaller than im thinking it is.


  3. “omg so ugly””

    Yeah people said the same on Grille 15 back then.
    I honestly thought this is a medium or a TD, if it weren’t for the big bold letters that say “LT Tier VII”


  4. Following the script of a famous meme
    Holy Jesus What is that?? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?? It is a p…NO NO IS TIME TO STOP OK? Geez What an Ugly thing looks like an ISU did a baby with a obj416 and the child was sent to a daycare with and ELC AMX…..WTF


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