German Tech Tree Change Details (+ Stronghold Info) [UPDATED]

As announced by developers, the upcoming version 9.17.1 comes with changes in the German, Japanese and American tech trees. Here are some details about what will happen to the German one:

UPDATE: info from Konstantin „Foton” Soldatov, WoT Publishing Producer, translated by Vladimir:

1. If the Maus was researched in the tech tree, after the split the new tier 10 has to be researched and bought.
2. If the Maus was researched, the new heavy tanks VK 100.01 P and Mäuschen will be unlocked.
3. If you only have the VK 45.02 B with XP on it, nothing changes. You keep the XP and can research the new tier 10. But the new Maus branch will be completely locked.

Gepard_PH WoT PC Product Coordinator:

Good news for you is that once you research Maus before update, VK 100.01 P and Mauschen will be unlocked for you as well. Bad news is you need to hurry up.

Also some info about the new Stronkhold sistem:

Economy of Strongholds will be adjusted to match new settings. There will be no “defending” as we know it now. Battles for Stronghold will be replaced with a new game mode that requires more dedication and preparation than Skirmishes but pays off in faster development of your clan’s Stronghold: higher risk, higher reward. Industrial Resources will be still be used as currency for SH development.


38 thoughts on “German Tech Tree Change Details (+ Stronghold Info) [UPDATED]

        1. The XP will stay on the replaced tank I belive. So if you have 50k xp on VK after the patch that 50k xp will be on the Mauschen to keep the XP on the same line. That’s the most logical.


          1. thats a good point. so do you reckon they will want to take the vka and b from people give them the vk100 and mauschen then we will need to grind the vka and b again? at least if it works out like that then i will have some rebalanced germans to play and if im given the vk100 and mauschen thats a couple more new tanks to play too.


        1. It was obvious that it was gonna be this way, thats how they did with IS-4. The only tank that would have switched lines would be the VK, you should have started getting xp on the tier 9 that would lead to a brand new higher tier instead of getting xp for a tank of lower position in the tech tree than a tank you already own :/


  1. Bad news, Gepard_PH got it wrong, there’s no way they are giving you the tier 8 and 9 unless they take the VK45 A and B off you.


      1. OK, I’ll rephrase that. There’s no way they will give you the [research for] the new tanks without taking the [research for] the VK45A and B away.

        Mark my words, it’s a mistake. You will get researched what you have researched when the patch arrives.


    1. They won’t actually give you the tanks (VK 100.01 P and Mauschen) Homer but they will be researched so you can buy for credits later. They could hardly have a line change where the maus was unlocked but the two tanks before it in the line weren’t lol


    2. They dont give the to you, they make them researched. They wont remove the Maus from your garage and they wont remove the VKs either because some people may have grinded for them ; so they will unlock the new tanks before the Maus but chances are if you own the VK in garage you will keep the VK and be thrown on the other line and have to re-buy the new tanks yourself.

      Which is imo not fair because if some people are grinding specificaly for the Maus and just miss like 50k xp when the update comes out they are back to tier 7 and have to regrind everything while ending up with a grind they may not want.
      They should let people decide which tank they wanna keep if they already bought them : have the VK in your garage, you get to chose either keeping it or switching it for Mauschen (not both)


  2. And what about the new VK ? If we own the VKB in our garage will we keep it and be at tier IX of the new line or will it be switched for Mauschen and then we’ll have to grind for it again ?


    1. speedycraft, then nothing will change, you’ll still have a vkb. just any built up xp you have on it can only go towards the new tier10 vk and not maus. if you want maus you better grind it out before the change & then you get the new 8/9’s unlocked for free


  3. I am very happy that WG kept the vk45a and vk45b and tweaked them, and added the vk100. More variety is always fun and now there will be 3 tier 8 HTs having distinctive features, as well as 3 tier 9 HTs and 3 tier 10 HTs.


  4. So it still confuse me- if I have VK45b in garage and Maus are unlocked, but didn’t buy it, after these changes VK 100.01 P and Mauschen will be researched too? And VK72 too?


    1. You will have Maus/Mauschen/VK100 researched, and your VKB will then lead to the new tier X (so you can start farming xp for it, because it wont be researched nor bought even if you own the Maus)


  5. sebastian/tap,

    anyway you can ask your ‘sources’ if there is also gonna be changes to centurion based tanks? i mean, if regular centurion will drive 50, i would like it if my conway also drives 50.


    1. you will keep the maus, nothing weird will happen. you might have to unlock the tier 8 and 9 though. some of my clan mates have already started gathering xp on the VK B, for that tier 10.


  6. 1. If the Maus was researched in the tech tree, after the split the new tier 10 has to be researched and bought. -What does this mean?
    Is this a story that will be in our garage?

    Or is it that we have to do new research?


    1. Yes, it does:

      VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A

      – Penetration of Pzgr 40 for 8.8 cm Kw.K. 36 L / 56 was changed from 171 mm to 194 mm
      – Angles of elevation and depression of guns changed both towers from -6 to -8.
      – Upper plate armor is changed from 120 to 150 mm
      – Lower plate armor changed from 120 to 100 mm


      1. intersting. I really do hope that those chancges to the APCR of the 8,8 L/56 will aplly to all tanks using ist. with 194mm of pen the short 8,8 will be a quite useful gun on them. be it Jgdpz IV, VK 36.01 H, VK 30.02 D or even the Japan-Tiger. because you now hurt O-Is from the front … *hrrrhhhrr*


  7. i have VKB, maus and VK7xxx (reward) in garage.

    may i understand that like:
    1 – vkb will be replaced by mauschen,
    2 – maus i´ll keep and
    3 – i´ll have to research new line with regular vk7xxx from PornTiger line?? may i do some xp on PornTiger?


  8. Oh, jolly! After having to literally grind my teeth through that awful piece of crap called VK 45 A, now I have to start all over again from the Tiger (P). Great job, WG. Please, bring more mini branches like this one…


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