9.17.1 HD Tanks List

E 50
VK 45.02A
AMX 38
Hotchkiss H35
Renault FT
Type 4 Chi-To
Type 64
WZ-111 (model 1-4)
AT 2
AT 7
Оbject 140
Оbject 268
Оbject 263
Оbject 907

Also, new tanks are on Supertest:
Strv 81
Jagdtiger (H)
Tiger II (H)


33 thoughts on “9.17.1 HD Tanks List

      1. For how long are they saying that now? 3 years? Or more? They did nothing about it other than saying we should change it.

        WG could have easily done it in the upcoming patch since they are reworking the Tier 8 and 9 tanks in the E-50M branch. They had a LOT of time to find the replacement tank.

        Also the reasoning behind it’s replacement is bullshit because as far as I know the Faillöwe in it’s current form was made up by WG as well yet they are putting it in the game.


    1. Ok, something interesting: Not sure if this is official, but someone released the 9.17.1 HD models from supertest, and the E 50 M is included in the list of vehicles, and has its own model. Might not have to wait as long!

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  1. Interestingly, the Strv 81 appeared for supertesters as well, which is basically just a Swedish 20pdr Centurion. Should be interesting to see what that looks like.

    Glad to see a lot of tanks I was hoping for on the list, though! I was not expecting the 268 and 263 in the same patch, let alone the VK A, 59-16, Type 64, or Chi-To. Can’t wait to see them in all their revitalized glory!

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  2. Finally, HD model for one of the most played T10 and T9 mediums…
    I wonder how will armor profile change for a lot of tanks – 140, E50, WZ 111-1-4, 907 + RU TD’s, AT2, AT7, VK A.

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    1. I don’t think it’s a typo. Supertesters already got the Strv S-1 on their accounts with the last patch, these tanks are new.

      I guess WG had to find something to replace the fake LS-50 which was leaked by sp15 (who originally PROPOSED it to WG) in his hissy fit because the tanks weren’t historically accurate. This was the easiest and simplest way. So hooray for more clone premium tanks thanks to butthurt people.

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  3. Hoping for a big turret nerf on Object140 so T-62A and Obj.430 have a purpose in this game. Right now 140 does everything better, the turret weakspot isnt an easy target when moving. If its turret can be penned by tier 9-10 tanks easily then it’ll make sense for it to have the speed/accuracy combo ; while 430 has speed/armor and T62 has armor/accuracy.
    Right now 140 has all 3 stats going for it ; the triangle of toptier soviet mediums is broken because of this tank.


    1. lol, even the best players are split when it comes to pubs which of 140/62A is better, I dare to say more will take 62A for pubs, because of better turret and less module damage.

      430 does not have a purpose that I’ll agree with, but 62A is as good of a if not better tank that 140. Personally I’d take 62 over 140 any day of the week.


    1. Strv 81 fits a premium tier.
      101 – “Centurion – Mk 10” t could have filled tier 9 as regular?
      If being a bit boring.
      Strv 101R, 102R and 104 would have too new modernizations for WoT tho.

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  4. Finally the paper ufp of WZ-111/1-4 will be gone…

    Strv 81 would be quite nice to have, at least is in service IRL unlike the other ugly fudge camo t8 prems


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