Sandbox #2 Applications Now Open




Unfortunately, no specific start date was given. We’ll wait and see. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to leak all the new stats again.


9 thoughts on “Sandbox #2 Applications Now Open

  1. They kept the old testers.
    I was actualy worried lol, the first test was so boring to play I connected maybe 5 hours then never came back, maybe 1 battle per change then out.

    The changes to some tanks made me sick. Foch155 with a 120mm autoloader : how bad. JPZ with less than 260mm pen coming from 3rd in class : how bad. Grille15 with still low pen for its class and armor and now 45km/h mobility with no compensation and accuracy nerf : how bad… They destroyed the TD class like USA destroyed Hiroshima.

    And the arty changes : yeah the idea of stun and reduced dmg was good. My E-100 lost less than 1k hp from a full clip of BC58 and a CGC shot and was still able to move. But now the arties became useless : cant even pen a Grille15 from the rear of its turret lol ; and still the same 10 hours reload and 100 % rng accuracy, only the aimtime was buffed slightly I think. And the splash buff wasnt enough. Basicaly it stole xp from other players without even helping them : any ennemy hit while he is stunned is assist dmg so arty got as much xp as with regular hits (because they never spot for themselve anyway) but other tanks lost tons of xp by shooting at stunned tanks. And said stunned tanks often didnt suffer at all. So arty was basicaly stealing xp for doing nothing the whole game and being useless to its team, just splash a bunch of tanks and you’re rich, GG WG.

    The only positive moment from the sandbox server was when gold ammo was deactivated because tanks could actualy bounce shots and people needed to aim (some of them probably for the first time). And FV183 didnt oneshot everything (but they removed the HESH and killed the tank right after reintroducing gold).
    But then gold came back, nerfed only by 10 or 15mm of pen out of 330, and as general accuracy went back to pre 9.6/8.6 the game became more rng and gold was more needed ; so again GG WG, more gold and rng is what the game needs. Just make it like the japanese HTs : only about 30mm more pen over the regular rounds, still helping in some situations without being an OP autopen-without-aiming option.

    Anyway. First sandbox was overall bad. The ideas were really interesting, but as long as WG refuses to do some things (nerf gold ammo or remove it ; give arty more accuracy and more reload but do less stun ; LESS RNG FFS !!!) their rebalance wont work. Because phase one was basicaly “nerf everything to an unplayable level and call it a fix”. I have often had bad times in WoT but I dont think I ever simply left a good session just because it was not fun, simply boring ; yet this SB made me feel that : the game became too slow, the same old problems were still here, it was even more rng and even more frustrating, felt like we were back to beta.

    Hopefuly they listened to the feedback and will remove some of their old changes.

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    1. While I disagree slightly re arty and premium ammo, the amount of RNG was stupid, and what they did to the tanks… you were fighting with your tank more than fighting your enemies. Everything felt like when you put 75% crew into a tank. Just ew.


    2. Oh, and I forgot to add, if you watched the video from the russian fest, WG Fest or how it is called, they said they were happy with accuracy and penetration drop changes -_-

      So everybody make a shitstorm pls so they’ll atleast think about removing it


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