WoWS: TAP Insider News (5-I-2017)

Due to how serious is the outcome the new skills and how consumable buffs-nerfs could affect the game, there will be a 2nd PT for 0.6.0 before it goes live, expect things to change.

JamesWhite has closed the thread on the Russian forum (the patchnotes posted previously on TAP), and their comments suggest that they are upset about this leak (likely by Russian supertesters).

For us this means the leak might be true.


16 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (5-I-2017)

  1. I wonder what changes they will make to the RPF skill.
    Knowing WG it will either be a nerf to its accuracy, DD immunity from it or complete deletion of that skill (never gonna happen, I know).


  2. Wasnt st rewards based on keeping secrets? If the testers cant stfu. Then they should be kicked or at minimum should not receive any rewards this usa testers getting the Missouri or whatever they get.


  3. WOW! Your “Insider” read the RU Forum! WOOOOW!

    You’re really trying hard to sell “leaks” that happen to be comments from the devs! *rofl*


      1. on behalf of people who only know CYKA in Cyrillic so dont read the russian forums, thank you for posting this in TAP.

        And to me the Insider in TAP Insider might be the source, or it might be ME – now thanks to TAP i have info that most NA players do not.

        i am CYKA MACTEP now!!!

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    1. Yes, this website is a fraud for clicks.Admitted not long ago he plagiarized material. The other day pulled someones content from a thread about RPF and how many sectors it uses.


  4. So i have played 0.6.0 PT some, and adore the skill changes. But as far as consumables did i m,iss the boat? other than Bismarck losing ultra-hydro for regular, are there other consumables issues i missed please?


    1. Premium consumables nerfed, normal consumables buffed so that their cooldown difference is only 10 second between Premium and normal. Before skills.


      1. I’m not sure about this but they don’t like the expectations of the 2nd PT, the leaks are totally discriminating, therefore im not sure if they canceled this.


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