Fair Play Policy: New Ban Wave on All Servers

EU announcement:

Since the introduction of the Fair Play Policy, we’ve been working hard to create a fairer and more fun experience for everyone, and we have a new update on that front. Recently, 5 300 accounts were penalized for using illegal third-party modifications. 181 were repeat offenders and received permanent bans.

We’ll continue fighting to ensure that World of Tanks has an ecosystem that’s as fair as possible, and will monitor battle data to reduce the instances of cheating. We encourage everyone to read up on the rules and expect further updates.

On the other servers, the situation stands like this:

NA: 7 day bans: 479, permanent bans: 19

ASIA: 7 day bans: 207, permanent bans: 13

RU: 7 day bans: 33087, permanent bans: 1618

Number of banned players in various RU clans:

[N_ERA] – 2
[F-J] – 1
[CYS] – 2
[T-MAN] – 1
[E_V_G] – 3
[UA-T] – 1
[WTR] – 1
[NOMAD] – 2
[LSTR_] – 3
[RED_A] – 1
[PZE] – 1
[ARGST] – 1
[ENG-A] – 1
[BS] – 1
[RAGOO] – 5
[YETT1] – 1
[FLUF] – 1
[LNG5T] – 1
[LYK] – 1


23 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy: New Ban Wave on All Servers

  1. I like what there Doing at WG. So Big thumbs up for them. But just to play The Devil’s Advocate. In the EU it’s not allowed to monitor a computer from a costumer. Something with Privacy and stuff like that. If WG is doing that. Like look in your resmod folder to see what mods you are using, there pretty much breaking every privacy law in the EU.

    In Russia it is allowed, But not in the EU. So how does WG do it?

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    1. Their detection methods have nothing to do with looking at what’s installed on out computers.
      They have algorithms that analyse data on the servers where all the game calculations are made.


      1. As an example from the old mmo everquest, they suspected people had scripted a particular routine. They gathered data on a player, not monitoring his computer, but in game activities. he had turned in 1200 bars to a vendor – each 0.40 seconds apart. no human would turn in 1200 bars in a row with the exact same delay, no 0.38s, no 0.42s, no bathroom breaks, no sneezes or yawns, etc.


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    2. My guess is they have scripts in their files that tell the server to monitor the data it is receiving from each player and it’s looking for markers similar to what Python log stores. My guess is that it would start with known cheaters, who those cheaters interacted with in game (played together, friends’ list, clan members) and then branches out from there. It’s possible for clans to have more than 1 cheater at a time but only 1 gets caught, then if someone in the clan is caught cheating everyone else in the clan will be in the “watch list” for the next wave of Fair Play.

      But that’s just hypothesis.


  2. It only takes 1 member to discredit a whole clan. While not as many in a single clan as the RU server these top rated clans will have all their wins come into question.
    NEWBI – 1
    FADED – 1
    -W-W- – 1
    HavoK – 1
    AVALN – 1
    Rel_2 – 1
    CB – 2 (1 perma ban, meaning he was caught before and still used mods)


    1. If that data is just from looking at clan page, likely majority of these bans are just for TK-ing when messing around in SH’s. If you look tommorow they should be gone, or atleast different person is banned :P


  3. They also should ban players that use software to lob shells over cover, damaging enemy vehicles on the other side of the map for the half of theri HP, without having to take risk or to use skill. You have to admit, doesn’t that sound unfair?

    Wait… Wut?


    1. Obviously you haven’t mastered the art of arty dodging yet. And perhaps you’d like to use the whole map, we can’t have that. You gotta chai snipe from back or crawl behind a rock/house.


        1. True dat. Only 47% and below with >30% battles in arty and >30% battles in TD’s can master that skill, because he obviously has a lot of experience, you know from playing arty and TD’s that arty naturally counters, all those pesky unspotted TD’s sitting on redline are getting shot by arty while tanks that actively play and spot are not getting shot by arty.


          1. True that, bro. Almost every time I check the stats of a artyplayer that hit me while camping at the frontlines (with 35 kph), it is a 47% noob with <500 WN8, with 2k battles played in their BC 155 autoloader arty (for example). You know, the kind of player that hardly does one damaging shot per game in a regular vehicle (for example: 350 avg damage in the IS6 he bought, because he was ready for tier 8, but the grind took to long).

            I'm not a unicum, I still make stupid mistakes and do not very well in Tier 10, but with 2524 WN8 over the last 1100 games, I may say that I contribute positively to every team I'm playing in and that I'm efficient on the battlefield. It's just simply fascinating that a total retard without any skill can punish me for that if he has some lucky RNG while drooling on his keyboard.

            Don't have anything against noobs playing TD's. There is some risk involved there and if you get hit by them, you've done something stupid or you took an intentional risk.


    1. check wot- cheaters(dot)tk , they have the statistics of the 1st ban wave.

      btw… did FAME head commander get perma baned? he shows as a 0 battle account


        1. Where did this stupid rumor even come from?

          He wasn’t TK-ing arty while streaming, he did 30-hr stream, so he played anywhere between 100-200 battles (maybe more I don’t know) during that time, so he was most likely flagged for being a “bot” and his account was under investigation.

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  4. Well WG ban system isnt bulletproof.when the fair play policy was released I deleted gun direction mod in the minimap and gun reloader mod. about a month later i got banned and I asked for an explanation they said I’m using cheat mods I said no I removed them instantly when fp was released.WG replied they checked my registry and they are there I came to the conclusion that they were talking about rest files I’m a complete dinosaurs computer expert. I told them is unfair that I got banned with retrospective effect, my 7 days ban remained which I don’t care but maybe they r checking our computers I don’t know, but it leaves my thinking about it ………….


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