T-28 with F-30 Available on NA

Come on WG, bring it to EU already :(

Premium Shop Bundle

Available January 5, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends January 16, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

T-28 with F-30


T-28 with F-30 | 1x Garage Slot
2,500 | 1,000,000 | 30 DaysPremium Account
FREE+ 500 Gold


12 thoughts on “T-28 with F-30 Available on NA

  1. Hey i was playing SU-101 and i noticed that clutch was working.
    Why is that weird ? because TD’s and SPG’s are not suppose to have that function.
    I was able to do a pretty neat turn and i can see the track getting blocked when i hold down the space bar.


  2. And then again, something on-topic:

    The T-28 with doom cannon is really nice. Furthermore, it`s borderline OP (but the speed and the gun handling stops it from being truly OP).

    I`d reccomend it to anyone PROVIDING Wg puts it up without some bullshit bundle.


    1. Borderline OP?
      I consider it is among the most OP premiums I own, and I own 60 of them. :p Equipment+skills(+food) make the gun much more comfortable, it also has large HP and a nasty view range.

      And it shiets on Matildas and Hetzers.


  3. First time in a while i can recall a “EU style” bundle where the bundle sucks. Normally NA either get a choice to buy just the tank, or a bundle thats not too painful. 30 days mandatory premium really jacks up the cost.

    All of the Eu complaining has alerted NA to how to make more money haha! Damn you Seb!!!

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  4. Yeah I was planning on getting this until the bullshit bundle. Tier 4 premium are about $8 and this has $32 more of unneeded crap. WG would sell 3x as many for $20.

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    1. well, I am quite sure the bundle is there on purpose. without it, they would really sell a lot more of them. but that wouldn’t be good for the gameplay, as this tank is (with only a little bit of skill and equipment – which you get rather fast after grinding credits with this tank) rather OP, even for new players because of the HP-pool and the gun.

      just imagine the low- to mid-tier-games when they sell the tank “naked” and almost everybody can afford it. similiar to the idea of selling the Pz II J without bundle. 1000 gold means not even 5 bucks for that totally OP-tank. that would wreak havoc on the servers and would be a very sure way to stop all but the most serious new players from playing more than only a few battle above tier 1, as there are only very few tier 2s, which have a chance of penning the J.

      the T-28 can be penned by everything, but a lot of them in games would still change the gameplay completly.

      anyway: this is one of the few tanks I want to own, as everything I saw of it screams “OP!” (plus I drove the T28 back in a time when he still had the F-30 as tech-tree-grun and it was rather fun, even against tier 7 (which he met quite some times).


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