Explaining mechanics : armor penetration

EDIT : when the video would appear again, I would edit the post, no worries. Thanks for your feedback :)

EDIT #2 : Should be working now !


14 thoughts on “Explaining mechanics : armor penetration

      1. Yup, but you still can bounce HEAT,, now, the 230pen HESH of the FV cant be bounced, just splashed and with 1700 alpha, well even the splash hurts. So what is armor? =P

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      2. I dunno why people go apeshit on T-54’s HEAT. The standard pen is trash, it has <50% chance to pen itself with standard ammo. It's 3mm better pen than T7 MT Panther.
        Half of the T9 meds get 310-340mm HEAT pen anyway. And even full HEAT T-54 is still worse than Paddon, E50 or Skoda T50.

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