WG On Christmas WoWS EU Fail

Source: Ph3lan, WG Staff

We have an update for you about the Christmas Convoy situation:

“We considered this experimental double-campaign approach used in other regions and saw flaws in it. The double-campaign system does not cater to our audience in the usual manner we prepare offers. It was experimental and as we were not convinced it would work with benefit for the general audience, we decided to opt out of this part of the End of Year activities.

We knew that the Graf Spee itself would be a really important element to our players. That is why keeping this part of the event was an obvious choice. We also knew that many players would want to get their hands on special vanity items. Problems started here. The structure of the campaign combined with its time limitation did not, in our opinion, provided anyone except top payers, the option to get the items without major time commitment. This is not something we wanted nor felt right to ask of our players in the holiday period, when a big part of our loyal player base does not want to struggle between the game and family needs.

Seeing that some people would however like to get their hands on limited-edition content without the sacrifice of time spent with friends and family, we added all the camouflages for individual purchase, disconnected from bundles. This allowed anyone to cherry-pick the one or two items they are interested in fairly cheaply, without investing a huge amount of time for the campaigns or buying the Graf Spee which they may potentially not be interested in buying in the first place.

We understand that this choice has raised concerned through the community and are deeply saddened that this overshadowed so many of the other activities hosted for your entertainment during the Christmas / End of Year period.

We are currently looking into various options regarding the Christmas Convoy campaign, but even if we decide to take action in the following days, neither of them will have an immediate effect. Any event planning on this scale requires a meticulous analysis of the current situation. We learn from community feedback, as well as our mistakes, and we hope to bring you great events in the future and that we’ll manage to make you enjoy the End of Year activities regardless of this issue. The future events will be the core of our concern and that is what we are most working towards right now.”