Q&A – 27th December 2016

Answers by Milos Jerabek (Development Director), translated by Vlad:

– As you can see with the Swedish tanks, we’re currently developing new functions. We’re concentrating on new possibilities. At the same time, we work on several things. Sadly, I can’t tell much more, but we will work on tanks that are not simply Soviet or German copies.
– As you know, we worked on Sandbox, which is very important to us. We stopped the current test for some time, since we were completing some elements. We collected feedback and tried to polish the Sandbox iteration. As you might have heard from WG Fest, one main priority is rework of artillery. We also work on the balance of other vehicles based on the opinions expressed by players and I can say this: in the first half of the year, we will present several new things. They will appear in the Sandbox so we can try if you like the ideas, and then introduce them to the main servers.
– As you heard on WG Fest, we were working on the new matchmaker. Adjusting the matchmaker was one of the most important things on our list. Currently, the new system is based on a 3-5-7 model. This should provide more possbilities to the players even when playing low-tier vehicles. If many tanks happen to be tier 10, and you are the one of the two players in tier 9 vehicles, you usually are hard-pressed to do something useful. If a team has 7 low-tier vehicles, you have a chance to really fight. In parallel, we’ll introduce tier 10 LTs. They will be balanced a bit differently, in contrast to for example the AMX 13 75, which is a passive scout. You’ll be more mobile and have to move more.
– Currently, we are also working on graphic fixes which are tied to the new graphics engine. This is highly prioritized, especially regarding maps. Many maps have problematic areas, so we want to fix these before we go into detail.
– There are several new maps being prepared and several old maps being fixed. You might have heard from Supertest about the Czech Pilsen map, which is being given its final touches.
– Tutorial for new players and making sure they stay in the game is another important aspect. We’re working on new training systems.
– Main goals for 2017 are: balance/MM, artillery and maps.