WoT Q&A 23.12.2016

Answers by Anton “Evilly” Pankov on livejournal

– Can you please explain the situation around the VK 72.01K? Do I understand correctly that there will be a clan war reward tank and a researchable tank, which will be the same on paper? Or will there be some differences? This would be unfair to those who won it in the 5th campaign. – The tank wasn’t even tested yet, I can’t comment on anything right now. Don’t want to make false promises.
– Currently, the LT mission is the worst, where you have to spot 3 SPGs and damage them. There are hardly any battles with 3+ artys, moreover you’d have to damage them, while after spotting they’re being removed either by friendlies or by friendly arty. – This will possibly be changed after introducing 3 SPG hard-cap.

– What is planned for tier 1-2-3, when fail-platoons will be removed? What the f**k are your tier 2 gifts for, drive around four maps? – Firstly, a normal tutorial is planned for tier 1-2-3, so new players don’t get crazy because of the interface etc. Fail-platoons only bring harm. Regarding maps for low-tier lovers, we’ll think about something.
– 6 AFK bots in my team, 6 out of 15, these f**kers get XP. – You’d first have to make a difference who simply couldn’t load (dropped) and who is really AFK. The system would treat all of them equally.
– There was a leak about returning tanks for gold. Can you specify what’s that about? – Wait for it, there will be an announcement in January.
– Can you say something about personal missions? Which stage is the rework/fix of the current ones at? – The current set of missions is more or less all right. If you have troubles with something in particular – please, present them.
– Someone said that almost all tanks are HD now, but that’s not true, when will you at least finish high-tiers 8-10? – Definetely next year, maybe even before end of spring.
– Why not a limit to 1-2 artys, 3 are too much, and when will it come? Changing a variable from 5 to 3 isn’t hard.  – WIll come with new matchmaker.
– Christmas tree and loot boxes are fine, but you could give them for medals/achievements in the future. – Yes, if boxes prove to be ok, we’ll push this topic further.
– AFK players always get XP, this encourages botting. – I do realize.
– After the release of VK 72.01, will owners of the clan war version be able to choose a different reward tank, or will it simply get a camo and that’s it? – No, you will not be able to swap it.
– If Sandbox results show that players like tier 10 LT and matchmaker, but not arty changes, is an introduction of LT and matchmaker without arty changes possible? – Yes.
– How big is the HD Monastery (Abbey) map and how much space should we prepare on HDD? – It’s too early to talk about final sizes, we’ll compress it as good as we can.
– Will the Big World engine remain or will you switch to something different (Unity)? – It will remain, but there is not much left of the original Big World, it’s basically our own engine.
– If current tier 8 LT move to tier 9, should we prepare XP on them to research the tier 10 ones? – Not decided yet.
– When will it be possible to test the new HD maps? – When they’re ready, we’ll announce it.
– Lighting on HD maps? – Yes, it’s new.
– Is Havok realized with the new graphics or do you work on your own destruction algorithm? – We’re experimenting, currently with small, non-gameplay objects only.
– Don’t you think that the introduction of HE weapons for top-tier Japanese HTs will reduce the role of armor, since there will be tanks that can deal 300+ dmg anywhere, and personal missions will become harder, since partial damage dealt by HE does not count as blocked damage? – No, we don’t think so.
– Will the practice of removing premiums with preferential MM be continued? – Yes.
– Is the visual model of the Sheridan final? It looks kinda meh, everyone expected to see a normal Sheridan, not the pilot. – Yes, it’s final aside from minor details.