The Possible Reason for WG EU’s Incompetence.

This is from a TAP comment. I made minor grammar fixes and also censored profanity.

This isn’t an excuse at all but WG EU employees are absolutely underpaid. EU has a very minimalistic budget and those few employees left don’t give a s**t. Their hands are cuffed. You guys should see their living conditions. They can’t afford a proper life down in sh****le Paris. It’s too expensive over there and the salary is c**p. You are forced to live outside of Paris or sharing with others. It’s like a student life. The marketing team are a bunch of w*****s anyway who are only interested in numbers. Either WoT or WoWs. I’d say their profit share is leading to such bad decisions. They don’t givea  f***. Most of them live over an hour away from Paris to afford a decent life. It’s absolutely pathetic.

You are wondering why I know this? I was invited 3 years ago cause of some event. The people are nice but the team was divided at that time. When we had a few drinks in the evening people started talking. They told me about the budget and the EU marketing strategy for WoT and others. Those marketing and finance guys they said don’t even know what’s going on in their games. They don’t have a clue about gaming and all. Only profit. They even got rid of employee’s complimentary coffee. Was too expensive. WG EU is an absolute money racket and I’m sorry for the employees. WG EU treats them like s*** as you can see in salary, holidays and benefits. No wonder people leave. It’s absolutely pathetic.

I guess it is time for the WG EU HQ to move to Romania or another nation in East Europe so they can afford paying their employees… Maybe we’ll get more events that way!