WoWS 0.6.0 : Nagato & Amagi changes + Mutsu stats

Thanks to Urakaze for translating!


*Please note that the following info are subject to change before it is released*

In Patch 0.6.0, Mutsu will be added to the game as a tier 7 premium battleship, together with Mutsu’s introduction to the game, Nagato’s A hull (Stock, pre-war configuration) will be removed.

The Amagi also received the same treatment as Nagato, her A hull was removed and became Ashitaka (The original name of the 4th ship of the Amagi-class, before being changed to Takao), but it will be implemented later.


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Ship HP: 58400
Deck Armour: 70mm – 256mm
Citadel Armour: 51mm – 305mm
Torpedo Protection: 22%
Max. Speed:26.5 knots
Rudder Shift time: 14.4 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 770m
Surface Detectability: 16.9 km
Air Detectability: 13.3 km

Main Battery
410mm/3rd Year Type (4 x 2)
Range: 20.3 km
Reload time : 35 seconds
Turret rotation speed: 54.5 second per 180 degree
Sigma: 1.8

HE Ammo: 410mm HE Type 0
Damage: 6500
Velocity: 805 m/s
Chance of fire: 30%

AP Ammo: 410mm AP Type 88
Damage: 12400
Velocity:790 m/s

Secondary Battery
127mm/40 Type 89 A1 (4 x 2)
Range: 5 km
Reload time: 5 seconds
HE Shell: 2100 damage
Chance of fire: 8%

140mm/50 3rd Year Type (20 x 1)
Range: 5 km
Reload time: 8 seconds
AP Shell: 2700 damage
Chance of fire: 5%

533mm Type 6 (4 x 1)
Damage: 10933
Speed: 57 knots
Range: 7 km
Reload time : 21 seconds
*The torpedoes are mounted on the sides of the hull , with limited arc as shown in the previous insider news post *

127mm/40 Type 89 A1 (4 x 2)
Damage: 40, Range: 5km

25mm/60 Type 96 Mod. 1 (24 x 1)
Damage: 43, Range: 3.1km

40mm HI Type 91 (4 x 2)
Damage: 31, Range: 2km

Consumables: Damage control party, Repair team and Spotting Aircraft
Price: 7000 gold

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